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You know you want to

Ooh, lookie this:

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It's not an exchange; you just sign up to write 5000+ words of utterly self-indulgent idfic by October. There is also a lower-pressure kinkmeme-style area for leaving and filling idtastic prompts, which will open on July 31 after the main signups close.

My first thought was, "But that describes everything I write" ... and then I realized, no, I actually say no to myself all the time on the more over-the-top h/c. Which means this might be a good opportunity to just give in and write stuff I wouldn't normally.

(I'm sure everyone would be terribly put out if I write 5000 words of hideously self-indulgent h/c. That does not sound like something you guys would like at all. XD)

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Heeeee, yeah, 5000 words of hideously self-indulgent h/c... shame on you :P *pets her h/c bingo card*
I know everyone will be SO upset if I do this. So upset. :D

(I don't have one yet! I'm in a really busy time and making myself wait 'til I can enjoy it.)
I know this sounds selfish, but I want all 5000 words of that self indulgent H/C fic. Pretty please!!
I need to figure out which of my MANY iddy ideas is the one I'll probably go with ...
This sounds like fun! :-D btw, Collarcorner h/c round still has some great prompts... *tempts*
I know! :D I'm terribly busy right now, but when I'm not so busy (this weekend!) I'm hoping to write a little something for at least one of them. :)