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All the news about the upcoming season of Agent Carter coming out of last weekend's Comicon just makes me so happy, you guys. Though I think I'm at the point where I need to stop reading Comicon news before I find out way more than I want to know, since the producers are starting to talk in earnest about the plot of season two now.

Speaking of that, I ran across an interesting little item in a memoir I was reading the other day: in the 1920s and '30s, it was fashionable for the American hoi polloi to hire English servants, because they thought it was classy. Howard Stark, y/n?

Obviously not only that, since there's the whole backstory in the show with Howard having helped save Anna from Nazis.

But it did seem like SUCH a Howard thing -- Howard seems very much like a guy who'd want to do all the proper rich-people things to be accepted by the upper class.

And it made me think that we don't know anything about Jarvis prior to WWII. I'm really intrigued with the idea that being a butler wasn't what he used to do, and not something he ever saw himself doing, but Howard jumped on the chance to add a Genuine English Manservant (TM) to his household. And Jarvis was basically okay with that, so he took to learning the job with his usual thoroughness and efficiency.

I don't know what he would actually have been beforehand, since his skill set that we've seen so far is pretty much all domestic or things he learned in the military (like flying a plane). Definitely not anything in the manual-labor or farming sort of line. Maybe something like a clerk, or some sort of tradesperson, perhaps?

I am SO DELIGHTED we'll see Anna in season two, though! That was one thing I did feel was lacking in the first season. I'm really looking forward to that. :D

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Sounds like it's going to be fun!!!

And yes, it does seem like the sort of thing Howard might do! :D

I was going the opposite, that Jarvis is a Proper English Butler (the batman of the general whose signature he forged for Anna) and is used to a very Proper Household. So Howard's been something of a learning experience.
*nods* I could definitely see it either way; I have no firm headcanon on it. Poor Jarvis - he's clearly getting dragged along for most of Howard's mad schemes.
Very interesting! Glad we're going to see Anna, too -- sounds promising!!

And I could see it going either way w/Jarvis -- either him pretty much always having been a butler, or he could have been some sort of office worker (law clerk? bookkeeper?) sort of thing, prior to working with Howard. Either way, though, I bet Life With Howard is something he never expected ;-)
Yeah, I have no firm headcanon either way on Jarvis. I think it might be interesting to explore in fic the idea of Jarvis adjusting to being a butler when he'd never expected it (but I could certainly go the other way, as well).

And yeah, poor guy. :D
I haven't been following any of that specifically so I don't spoil myself. ^^ Just to explain why it's never something I talk about... I'm all SQUEE at the thought of s2 though! *_*
Yayyyy, season two! :D Yeah, I need to stop looking up stuff before I spoil myself completely.
Just a thought here, but do you think Jarvis might have some kind of diplomatic background?
Ohhhh, that's an interesting thought! I could definitely see that, and it would add some very interesting undertones to some of the things he's doing now.
Anna will be in the next season? Aw man, I have not been paying nearly enough attention to the SDCC news. Also, WOOHOO!

That's an interesting insight on "why an Englishman?" for Marvel canon in general, but I agree that the "why THAT Englishman" story in "Time and Tide" is much more significant. Combined with Peggy and Howard's argument in "The Blitzkrieg Button," which is what makes the story actually hold together, (as robbing one's boss to forge documents for a foreign national in wartime should not ordinarily be a good qualification for a butler to an arms designer and manufacturer,) it's one of the things that cemented my love for the show.

I loved the Captain America movies, but I was rather disappointed that Erskine's Jewishness didn't make the script. I really hope that Anna's background isn't made forgettable once she starts appearing on screen. It's a major representation problem-- when we're not being told to laugh at the most obnoxious stereotype-based "jokes," the Jewish characters get their religion aggressively minimized, to the point that it comes up less than once per season.
YAYYYY ANNA! And, yeah, it'll be interesting to see how they handle her as a character in general, and a Jewish woman in particular. I don't expect it will get a lot of play in the show (though I could be wrong!) but I suppose there's a better-than-average chance because the WWII context is so important to the character. I hope they do a good job with it; I think she's the first canonically Jewish character in the MCU so far.

Fingers crossed that next season is at least as good as the first one was. :D

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She's not the first Jewish character, but you're right in that she is the first character in the MCU either explicitly or implicitly described as Jewish. Howard makes two. I don't expect to hear about Howard's background again, given the lengths to which he's gone to conceal it, so she's kind of their big chance to get it right. Especially after what they did with the Maximoffs. They did worse than omit their backgrounds-- the opening plot of AoU would not have worked as written if they'd been either Romani or Jewish. So here's hoping.
We do!!! :D

(Also, it was too cute how James D'Arcy brought it up at the Comicon panel. "The big question about season two, of course, is: do I finally get to meet my wife?")
I'm very excited too!

The one area in which I thought the series could have been stronger was racial diversity, and the writers tweeted that they've been talking about it, so fingers crossed.
Yes, I agree (on all points). I don't know if they'll actually end up improving it or not, but TPTB seem to be open to discussing it and I saw somewhere that they've hired two new writers who are PoC, so maybe S2 will do a lot better than S1 did.

(I think this is one of the few shows that I have enough respect for the showrunners and writers, from seeing them in interviews, that I think they actually might address an issue like that, rather than paying lip service to it and then moving on with something else. But we'll see.)
I'm super excited for more Agent Carter. It's the only show I've seen in a while that I feel I can get fannish about. :) I love all the characters and first season was so much fun.

I've avoided reading most comiccon news so I have no idea what is happening on any of the shows I love. I think it might be better this way.
I like being unspoiled best, so I need to stop looking up spoilers before I find out more than I want to know! I'm really looking forward to it. :D
While I have looked at some video from sdcc (I'm happy to find there is so much more than there used to be) it hasn't really been to look for information on what's coming up on those shows. I've kind of lost interest in finding info on the next season of shows. Mostly it's because I tend to be disappointed because an actor or executive producer will share a detail and it either ends up not happening or it wasn't as significant a thing as they made it out to be. I don't think they're lying when what they say doesn't happen though, I think it's just sometimes they're so far out from that point of the season being finished that sometimes things have to get cut.

In any case I am definitely looking forward to seeing the next season of Agent Carter.

Yeah, I greatly prefer being unspoiled. Like you said, a lot of times the spoilers turn out to be inaccurate anyway, and the other half of the time I end up coming in with expectations that make me less happy about what canon actually does with whatever the spoiler was.

It's hard to avoid spoilers and be in fandom anymore, though, especially with Tumblr. But I'm usually happier if I can manage to do it!