Winter Sunlight

Aargh, tumblr

Okay, let me get this straight. When I schedule a post on Tumblr for 8 a.m. Alaska time, it fails to pick up the correct time zone for the blog and posts at 8 a.m. Eastern time ... which is 4 a.m. here. But when I try to compensate for that (apparent) bug by setting it to post at noon local time ... it goes ahead and uses the correct time formatting, and therefore doesn't post early like I wanted it to.


(In heavily related news, Kismet's Tumblr site is live and updating now!)

ETA: Orrrrr ... it could be that I hadn't set the time zone on that blog yet. >_> (But I did have the timezone-glitch thing happen several times with scheduled posts on the kismetcity blog, and I DID check the timezone settings there! Fingers crossed that it's just some weirdness in that one blog, and everything works correctly now ...)

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Thanks! :D (Now I'm struggling with the RSS feed! The rest seems to be working pretty well, though ...)