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News from the webcomic front

The Sun-Cutter archive is moving to Tumblr! I found a Tumblr theme I really like for it (Simple Webcomic Theme) and I have been desperately, desperately needing to do SOMETHING with the comic so I can auto-update rather than hand-coding everything. The existing site will stay where it is, and I'll be uploading pages to the old archive in batches, probably every month or two -- that way I will always have a locally hosted archive, much as I've done with Hunter's Moon and will be doing with my other comics now that Webcomicsnation has, it appears, died. But having Sun-Cutter updating somewhere other than my own site will give me a lot more flexibility and, crucially, be a whole lot less work for me on the back end.

Sun-Cutter's new home is here:

I'm still setting things up, but I have the entire existing archive migrated over, and I expect to be ready to start updating in the new location this weekend.

The biggest downside to Tumblr is that, if you aren't logged into a Tumblr account, you will get a (fortunately small and discreet) nag screen wanting you to sign up. I hate that, but it appears that once you close the nag box, it remembers not to open it again (at least on a per-individual-page basis) and I decided the downside was worth the benefits, compared to Wordpress, which was the other leading contender. I still have Disqus comments enabled (from the front page, you need to click "comments" at the bottom to get to them), and the general look of the site is similar, so other than updating bookmarks, you shouldn't notice much interruption of service.

Let me know if you find anything broken, though. :D

The other thing I'm still trying to figure out is the best update time. I've been updating late on Sunday night or sometime on Monday morning/early afternoon, but since I'm hand-coding it, it's really just a matter of when I'm online and can find time and/or willpower to do it. Now that I'm scheduling updates, I have to figure out when to schedule it for! Right now I've got it set up for 8 a.m. AK time on Monday (that's noon Eastern time, and evening in Europe, which seemed to me like the closest I could come to covering all my updating bases). Dunno if anyone has thoughts on that. It matters more on Tumblr than elsewhere, since it's so ephemeral a medium that update time makes an actual difference.

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