Autumn-berries in sunlight

One more poll for the garden blog

Okay, it's down to two possibilities for the garden-picture Tumblr. One is the top vote-getter on the last poll; the other is one that was suggested in comments, and I really can't decide between them. Aesthetically I lean somewhat more toward the first, but I have "alaska" in the name of most of my non-fannish social media (layla-in-alaska, usually), so I hate to lose the theme. Help me out, flist! :D

ETA: Actually, that turned out to be much simpler than expected: I completely forgot to check "alaskangarden", and it turns out someone's already using it (though I knew "alaskagarden" was available). Welp, that was an easy dilemma. XD

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Ooh, I can't decide!! I like them both! "Arcticgarden" sounds lovely, but I also appreciate getting "Alaska" in there. Ack!!
Right??? :D That's exactly my problem! I really like the way the sounds in "arcticgarden" go together, but I want the Alaska too! Ack!
LOL I totally empathize! They both sound really good!

Maybe... ArcticAlaskaGarden?? ;) (It's *a* compromise, if not a *good* one! LOL!!)
It's one of those compromises that's worse than either of the original options, I'm afraid. XD