Winter Sunlight

Family is nice! Being alone is also nice.

I love my family dearly, and truly enjoy spending time with them; however, after three weeks of travel/visiting/houseguests, I am greatly enjoying having the house to myself again. I dropped off my mom and sister at the train station early this morning, and have had a very relaxing day of writing, working in the garden, and generally enjoying peace and solitude. And now I have a glass of wine, for a mellow evening.

(Although the wildfire smoke has been absolutely miserable today. I posted this to Tumblr earlier, by way of illustrating why it feels like breathing soup out there. Smoke-flavored soup. It did clear out a bit this evening, however.)

I also have a completely frivolous poll. Crossposting polls is a pain because you have to create them in both places, and there's really no point for a silly little poll like this one, but please do feel free to let me know in the LJ comments if you like any of these, or have any suggestions. :) The thing is, I've been posting my garden pictures periodically to Facebook for a few years now, but I think it might be fun to create a garden sideblog on Tumblr so I have a proper place to put them, and if I do that, I need a name for it.

ETA: alaskangarden was suggested in the DW comments. I don't know why I didn't think of that one on my own, because I like it best so far! :)

ETA2: Also alaskangardener, which I like as well! Though it's leaning toward the long end of things.

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Welcome back!! *glomps*

Oh boy, that is a lot of fires! Stay safe! *hugs*

*goes over to DW to fill in poll and comment* *suggestions may be a mix of serious and silly*

I'm happy to be back! :) Not so happy about the fires, though. Thanks for the input!
AUGH. D: Well, if I was going to miss things, I guess that was a good thing to miss!
Yay, solitude! Ifeel you!
Please just let us know what you decide on. I love your adventures in gardening and alaskian outdoor live and would like to follow that tumblr blog