Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Those of you who follow my AO3 account may get some unwanted notifications for older fics (if notifs go out for backdated fics; I'm not sure if they do). I got messaged by someone who had podficced one of my old SGA fics, so I decided to put up that one and a few of the other ones on AO3. Eventually I want to have all my SGA fic there (as much as they make me wince now), but there are so many of them - it's gonna be a slow process.

Anyway, I put up Cold Comforts (the podficced one - here's the podfic), Between the Lines, and Candle in the Dark before I got too sleepy to continue tonight. I think maybe tomorrow I'll do another batch of them. At some point I'd like to get all my 2006 SGA fic on AO3 just to use the stats feature to find out how much I actually wrote that year. It was the year I got back into writing fanfic after a few years away from it -- and I, uh. Wrote a lot of it. A lot. It would be interesting to find out exactly how much.

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