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Still rewatching Heroes. You know, I think half the reason why I still love Nathan Petrelli so much (in spite of the fact that he's a total dick most of the time - a big part of the Heroes-watching experience for me is going "Nathan, don't do the thing .... no Nathan ... DAMMIT NATHAN!") is because of his desperate efforts to keep his life normal in spite of all the weird around him, and his face when the weird intrudes on it anyway. I just rewatched the episode where Hiro shows up at Isaac's apartment in New York cheerfully nattering about flying people. Nathan's expression, omigod.

I'm also noticing pretty strongly on the rewatch how most of the factors that made the show go completely off the rails in later seasons are already present -- melodramatic buildup to events that don't end up affecting anything, EVERYTHING being connected all the time even when the writers have to strain credibility to the breaking point to shoehorn people into each other's storylines (and a corresponding lack of follow-through on a lot of character relationships because everyone is wandering in and out of the others' storylines all the time), failure for anyone to give basic information when they can drop cryptic hints instead, and so forth. But the characters are really fun, and the characterization in the first season is pretty solid. I'm up to, I think, 1x12 or 1x13 and still enjoying it. At the very least, it's good background noise for doing art.

ETA: Also, I'm loving Claire so much on the rewatch. I think she was one of my favorites the first time around too, but she's probably my very favorite right now. She's SO GREAT. And I had forgotten that her evil dad erased all Zack's memories of her. I didn't even remember Zack, and the sweet little friendship they had -- and then it became one of my new favorite things, and he made it go away! Which I guess would be why I forgot about it. Poor Claire.

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I really loved Claire too! I have never rewatched the first season, although I probably will someday since it's fun, but I remember she started out being kind of whatever and then at some point I just fell in love with her. I think I also started to ship her and Peter? I should check if there are any good fanfics on that (pre s2) because I remember back then it was hard to find any fic.
Claire is so wonderful! :) I remember that when I first watched the show I did have shippy feelings about her and Peter when they first met -- however, that was before finding out that she was his niece. XD I don't know what kind of fic is out there for her. At the start of my renewed interest in the show, I did go poking around a little for Peter and Nathan fic and discovered (rediscovered, rather, because I vaguely remember this) that most of it is slash. I think Heroes is one of those shows that just never really had a lot of fic.

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I remember Zack! I was furious about the memory wipe. It still bothered me in s2, when I stopped watching because other things bothered me, and they all added up.

I really enjoy Adrian Pasdar. He hams it up on Agents of SHIELD; it's not great acting, but he's fun. (But why, oh why, did a handsome man let them do that with his hair and mustache? He looks like a comic book character! I mean. . . .) On Heroes, he got to have fun and sometimes do good acting. But maybe mostly have fun.
Yeah, having forgotten all of that, I am now feeling betrayed all over again. Although she does seem to be trying to reestablish the friendship, I don't think Zack was ever a major player in the show after this.

So many stupid writing decisions.

(But why, oh why, did a handsome man let them do that with his hair and mustache? He looks like a comic book character! I mean. . . .)

hahaha, I KNOW!! I was really delighted when I found out he was going to be on Agents of SHIELD, since I hadn't seen him in anything since Heroes, and then ... well ... I met his character. XD Still, it's nice that he's still showing up in different things. And he really does have a lot of range as an actor -- I love how he can be funny one minute, then make you want to kick Nathan down a flight of stairs, then make you feel sorry for the guy.

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Now you make me want to re-watch it too. /o\

Just, could you help me remember something? (I don't want to google, because if I re-watch (Someday. When I finished Highlander. For which I sitll haven't received the S2 DVDs. -.-) I don't want to spoiled for the parts of the plot I've already forgotten.) Which one of the Petrellis has been the one who could fly? Peter, right? Also, what was Ali Larters character name? I remember liking her a lot (besides Claire). Thank you!
The Petrelli who can fly is Nathan. And Peter can occasionally fly, because of the way his powers work. (I don't want to spoil Peter's power if you don't remember it.)

Ali Larter's character is Niki.

I stalled out on my rewatch because I got busy (and I'm only planning to rewatch the first season anyway) but I'm having fun with it. I'd forgotten a bunch of stuff, so it's fun to see it all over again.
Ali Larter's character is Niki.

*coughs* If you go with the simple version. (Season 3 especially just... what... with her. But then that's par for the course with S3. S1=FYHEROES! S2=Heroes burned and destroyed S3=Trippy AU S4=What Happened To Heroes?)