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Books, anyone?

Clearing off space on my bookshelves (to make room for more books, obviously), I came upon Melusine and The Virtu by Sarah Monette, the first two books of her Doctrine of Labyrinth series. Anybody want these? As much as I enjoyed certain aspects of the books (Mildmay!), I don't see myself rereading these, because I basically spent the entire time I was reading them wanting to set one of the co-protagonists on fire. Most of my discards are just being taken to the used bookstore, but since these books have something of a fandom following and are now out of print, I'd be happy to mail them to anybody who wants them. I might ask you to pick up shipping if it's more than a couple of bucks, but otherwise don't worry about it.

ETA: Claimed!

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Oooh, books!!!
Hey, I'd definitely like to get those books if you don't mind. (I'm actually Fitzwiggity, I'm logged in with my facebook account because I can't remember my password to my Fitzwiggity account =( sadly, and haven't been able to log in for a while. So I'm just doing this account instead for now.)

You've gotten me books before-Stargate and a couple of others-and I'll certainly be glad to get books again. Shall we PM each other like before?
Re: Oooh, books!!!
Sure! :) Yeah, I know I've mailed you stuff before, but I don't still have your address - could you pm it to me, please?
Re: Oooh, books!!!
Also, since I'm shipping these anyway, I can't see any reason not to just load up a box with a bunch of the books I'm getting rid of and send it to you media-mail. Most are ones the bookstore probably wouldn't take in trade anyway.
Re: Oooh, books!!!
I always enjoy getting a large box of books in the mail (rare as that occurrence is!)-only thing, can I give you my email address, and then I can send you my address? I'm still working on fixing my LJ account. :( gmail address is btw

Also, I'm really not picky about what I read. As long as it's something new, or something that I've not read in a while, it's fair game in my book! What kind of books are you thinking of sending, just out of curiosity?
Re: Oooh, books!!!
Re: the inbox message - thanks for getting that to me! :) No worries about taking awhile. Notice that I am not exactly Speedy McFast when it comes to answering comments. :)

You asked what books I had - it's a weird grab bag of different sci-fi and fantasy stuff, mostly. I know you like that sort of thing, and anything you don't want, you can maybe get trade credit if you have a used bookstore that does trade-ins. I will try to get the box in the mail in the next couple of days!
Oh, hi, Speedy! Been a while since I've heard from you! *giggles*

So long as nothing is Harlequin that's all fine. I've got Harlequin coming out of my ears! While I enjoy the occasional smut novel, I really prefer science fiction and fantasy. And yup, I've got two bookstores, one of which if they don't give me credit will at least take the books and distribute them to get rid of them. It's called Half-Priced Books, which is also a website online. New books, fifty percent it's original price! =) {being a bookworm like I am, I assume you always like hearing about things such as this?}

Again, I really appreciate you sending me books. Getting books in the mail is rare for me! I'll let you know when I receive them, shall I? Cheers!