Winter Sunlight

*pours glass of wine*

I really should not be this glad that my Saturday evening plans fell through, but this has been an exhausting week -- what with emotionally draining houseguests (my in-laws), frantically cleaning the house top-to-bottom in advance of said houseguests, trying to get the garden in, realizing last-minute that I haven't done any of this year's promotional materials for my comics class and scrambling to get all of that done before running a comics workshop on Wednesday night. And I have something scheduled tomorrow night (selling my stuff at an intermission show for a geek-themed play on campus), plus wanting to buy my bedding plants and finish getting the garden in tomorrow, so they can benefit from all this lovely, unseasonably warm sunshine we've been having ... let's just say I was NOT ready for a fun night out on Saturday. My feelings right now are considerably more oriented towards collapsing at home for a couple of days that I don't have to go anywhere.

It would have been difficult to gracefully get out of the Saturday thing if my only excuse is "I've hit my introvert social maximum for the week" -- it's a going-away party for a friend. However, she changed it last-minute from something I actually wanted to do (dinner at a nice Greek restaurant in town, followed by a bar crawl, which I was already planning to quietly beg off from), to something I really don't want to do AND have a decent excuse for not doing (a concert with a band I don't care about, that has $40 tickets). She doesn't mind me not coming and we made plans to have lunch next week instead.

Collapsing at home it is, then!

Also, once I get the garden in, my (once) frightfully intimidating May to-do list will be nearly 100% done. For the rest of the month, the only thing I really HAVE to do is to get my Kismet page buffer finished through early August (since I will be either traveling or too busy to work on it for most of June and July). And yeah, that's gonna be quite a bit of work, but it's fun work, and otherwise I can play a bit, and do art, and maybe write some fic. And figure out what my next big fiction project is going to be.

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*Hugs* and yay for having a free Saturday :D

I understand completely about the introvert social maximum thing - I was at a friend's wedding last weekend, and it was a truly wonderful affair but after being surrounded by lots people for over twelve hours, I really needed a break from all that and found a quiet corner to hide and draw. My friend knows me well so she wasn't concerned or offended, but some other people couldn't understand that there was really nothing wrong, I just reached my upper limit for social interractions and needed to recharge a bit before engaging with them again. Uh.

Good luck with resting and have fun determining your next writing project :)
Eeep, I am tired just listening to all that!

Sometimes it is hard to find a way to say "I like you, I even love you, but I don't want to have to share your idea of fun with you..."
Wow, that is busy!! No wonder you want to collapse Sat night instead of going out!! *hugs*
Argh. I agree with everyone else: that sounds realllllly taxing to me, too. My hubby thrives on interactions with others, and I like it okay for a while, and then -- get me the hell out of here! I hope you enjoy your Saturday, and that it remains nice and calm and relaxing!!
I can totally get needing some me time after a hectic social week. I need a quite time when my boisterous family comes for a visit. Enjoy yur saturday.