More fills for the kissing fest, and a fic rec

Fic rec: vinegar and cellophane by [archiveofourown.org profile] oh_simone - Agent Carter, 20K words, gen, post-first-season (so, spoilers). Daniel POV, focused mostly on Daniel, Peggy, and Jack, with appearances by the rest.

This is THE long post-canon plotty genfic of my dreams! It's incredibly rare to find fic that nails "my" Jack Thompson, and his relationships with the other two; it's mostly either Jack-as-unlikable-asshole, or "Jack never did anything wrong, and Peggy and Daniel are jerks for distrusting him". But this fic has a wonderful Jack, and a wonderful Daniel and Peggy, and a plotty slow build towards gradually growing trust/friendship. I loved every word, and I'm going to claim it as my personal headcanon until season two comes along and josses everything.

Meanwhile, I wrote three more fills for the kissing fest (one of which is for my own prompt, but the rules said you can!).

Peggy/Jack/Daniel, drowning
Foggy/Marci, alcohol and bad choices (TW: aftermath of an attempted, offscreen assault)
Foggy/Matt, hospital (which I am also claiming for "surgery" on my h/c bingo card, as soon as I get around to uploading it to AO3)

All three of these are set after their respective series, so spoilers can be assumed. ([personal profile] alessandriana! Don't read the Foggy/Matt one until you've seen all of the show!)

I am very amused (but obviously happy) that the first one I wrote, which is for a complete weirdo Age of Ultron pairing, is getting a whole bunch of comment-love! I think most people are just clicking on it because it's so strange, and then end up liking it. XD

ETA: Anyone want to leave more Agent Carter or Daredevil prompts at the kissing fest? :D I seem to be mostly looking for ones that I can write in an h/c-ish kind of way, and I've discovered that I really like writing Foggy's voice. And more prompts with some combination of Peggy, Jack, and Daniel would be great. :D

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(alessandriana! Don't read the Foggy/Matt one until you've seen all of the show!) UGH FINE.

(Ahahaha, actually, I had *literally* just clicked on the link when I read this line. I had to go and sheepishly close out the window. :p)

And yayyy, Agent Carter recs!
Heh, well, it's not HUGELY spoilery, but it does spoil some things that I think you'd be happier not knowing yet.

I think you will really love the Agent Carter fic! I know I did. It's pretty much EXACTLY "my" Jack, and it's so rare to get fic that captures him like that.
OMG thanks for the rec! I am so busy I actually have no time to read fanfic right now but sooon~. :D
It was so delightful! I will definitely be stalking that author to see what else they come up with. :D