Winter Sunlight

Okay, FINE, I'm not even done yet

Due to my newfound appreciation of Hawkeye, I've been browsing his tag on Tumblr, which caused me to stumble across this. My main reaction is slightly bitter laughter, because MCU!Hawkeye is so obviously a different character from Fraction!Hawkeye that running across comics-esque characterization for him in MCU fanfic has become one of my biggest peeves and often an insta-backbutton thing. If this movie results in a lot less Fraction!Hawkeye in MCU fic, I will be SO GLAD.

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I've been ok with the Hawkeye I've seen in fic, but not crazy about him. I would love to see more Family Man Hawkeye who bonded with the Maximoffs even though he wanted to hate them and who wants to return to his kids and his wife and tear apart more of the house! (I would hate to be married to him, but I'd love to read about him.)