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One more thing ...

... which is not actually about the movie. It's about the previews before the movie and the kids sitting next to me.

We were sitting next to a row of really young kids (grade school age). They were perfectly well-behaved throughout the movie -- I hardly even knew they were there. But one thing that got them excited was the preview for Batman v. Superman. Obviously they knew these characters well! They were chattering about it throughout the preview and at the end, I heard one of the kids -- a little girl, I think -- say firmly to the others, "This would never happen in real life because they're friends!"

You tell 'em, little kid.

(Also, we went to Avengers on a Saturday matinee and that movie, as long as it is, was FULL of captivated little kids. DC, why aren't you making kid-friendly movies? Your audience is RIGHT THERE!)

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We didn't get the Batman v. Superman trailer, but the one for the new Star Wars got *applause*, even! I love that little girl's comment! That's *awesome*! And yes, DC needs to get on that wagon, for *sure*!! I love their TV shows, but the movies haven't exactly blown me away in recent years. Not *bad*, just … eh.

I've never read any of the Marvel of DC comics consistently, but I do really enjoy their TV shows and movies!!
Yeah, DC is starting to catch a clue with the TV shows, but the movies are SO dark and overblown and serious. Bleh.
Agree **completely**!!! Maybe they'll eventually find their own rhythm with the movies… (I keep hoping!!)
I have to say, besides Batman, I have no interest in any stuff from DC. I mean, I kind of fell for Arrow a while but overall, I look at the sutff they produce (character, movie or TV show wise) and go *Meh, not interested*. It might change with the Wonder Woman movie but I don't have high hopes. Maybe it's because of what the little girl said and what you point out - so dark and gritty (which I generally don't mind as long as there are light and funny moments too, which they aren't (at least in the stuff I saw).
LOL! You tell them, little girl, you tell them!!! :D :D

None of the recent DC movies have appealed to me, due to the darkness of them. I like my Superman, Batman etc to be more like the old movies - well, not so camp as the original Batman series, but you know what I mean. Kid friendly and fun, not dark and moody. I struggled with Arrow at first too because I was uncomfortable with how easily Oliver killed people, but clicked with it much better in S2 onwards when that changed. The Flash I like, but am not fully into yet. But I'm only around ep 8 or 9, so might take longer. Certainly, the shows are much more accessible in my mind than the movies, that I have no interest in seeing!

Marvel hits the right level for me - well, other than thinking the first Thor movie took itself and its moral story (you know, being worthy and all that) a bit too seriously, though I still enjoyed it for all that. Certainly, I like the humour and action side of things, with angsty bits thrown in here and there too (Iron Man 3 is the best on that side, angsty Tony really did it for me, lol)! Maybe DC will get a clue sooner or later.
I really liked the first (recent) Batman movie but it's gotten to dark for me since then. As for Superman that was the most soulless thing I've ever watched. I still prefer this trailer to the movie: honest trailers: man of steel.

In contrast, I've loved pretty much every movie that recently came out from the Marvel universe. Even Thor/Thor2 which are a bit too "lol action hero" for me I still enjoyed, and of course I love Iron Man & Avengers!