Winter Sunlight

Homestuck (through 009392)

The last couple updates of Homestuck have been AMAZING. :D

... er, for values of "amazing" that include giant walls of different colored text that require basically the previous 9000 pages of comic for context.

Still, I'm going to really miss this comic when it finishes its run.

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Roxy and Rose are so cute!!!

I think I need to go back once it's done and... well, to be honest I'm never going to re-read the whole thing, it's way too long, but re-read Act 6 at least, I think. It's been so long since I've read some of it that I know I'm missing a bunch of stuff with these updates.
I know; I'm kind of at the point now where I'm just letting the comic wash over me and taking it as it comes. XD Between the stuff I've forgotten, and John mucking around with the main timeline, I have absolutely zero idea what's going on anymore. I'm mostly in it for the character stuff. Luckily, this part of the comic is character interaction central. :D

Roxy and Rose are so cute!!!

SO ADORABLE. I love the way they just twine together and cling. Oh, babies. <3
Oh my god I hadn't read the pages from today yet and now I am and... Dave. and Karkat. and John. And I just. This is amazing.

I'm mostly in it for the character stuff.

Yes, that's it exactly.
YESSSSS. It was just ... amazing is the only word, really! I can't believe I did this much squeaking and heart-eyeing at what is basically a giant block of multicolored text, half of which is in all caps and the other half has no punctuation at all. Oh Homestuck. XD XD

But yes! They're actually talking about ~feeeelings~! (Even Karkat! In his own way.)
THEY ARE SO ADORABLE. (I apparently ship Karkat/Dave? I mean I kind of did before too but, like, the flash animation from the other day with the couch and the hand on his shoulder and-- yeah. Melted a little bit. So cute.) And that was an interesting explanation of the space relationship!

It cracks me up how the first thing they talk about once they're back together is all this deep relationship stuff. XD

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I didn't USED to ship it, but they are really, really cute! I had completely forgotten about Karkat's blackrom crush on John and the backwards-in-time flirting, too, though I remember it now that he mentioned it. (And also appreciated the explanation of blackrom; I think this is the first time it's 100% made sense to me, as something distinct from genuine hatred. I am still amused that Frank and Fleetwood, in Kismet, are basically the very archetype of kismeses -- and you're probably one of the only people who knows both canons and would therefore have any idea what I'm talking about when I say that!)

It cracks me up how the first thing they talk about once they're back together is all this deep relationship stuff. XD

To Karkat's everlasting horror. XD

On a side note, one thing I really like about this comic is how they're just such kids. They're not super-enlightened; they say dumb shit and use slurs and curse a lot and spent a lot of their time confused about sexual stuff. They're very believably teenager-ish.
I am still amused that Frank and Fleetwood, in Kismet, are basically the very archetype of kismeses

Hah! Yeah, they totally are. That's adorable.

Also *spade relationship, not space, although I suppose the latter counts as well!
Ahh, thank you for reminding me this was back! Just caught up now (took a couple hours, I'd left off sometime last autumn) and hee and aww - whatever else you can say, the character stuff is top-notch. John & Karkat & Dave all talking is everything I've always wanted it to be (with the bonus of Dave and Karkat dating (??!!)) And all the hugs, Roxy & Rose, d'awww.
Awww, I missed your Karkat icon! :D It's a lot of fun having Homestuck to look forward to again.

For me there is a special delight in getting back to the characters and character relationships that originally made me fall in love with the comic (although the Roxy-Rose reunion was definitely a high point of the recent updates, along with the John-Dave-Karkat conversation). I never bonded to the second set of kids quite the way I did to the originals, and lately it's kinda felt like "old" Homestuck in a way I really like.
My Karkat icon will never not be hilarious to me XD

I think the alpha kids are most interesting when interacting with the original set - since that's when the cross-generation paradox clone shenanigans come into play; they're not exactly strangers, after all. But yeah, the original kids + major trolls are probably what I enjoy the most in the comic...that and endlessly long chatlogs so yeah, having fun with it (and still so curious where it's all going, and whether I'll understand any of it when it gets there!)