It occurred to me just as I decided I should stop spamming my blog with White Collar Penguin AU (esp. as my blog isn't generally WC-centric)...

...that obviously an additional source of friction between penguin Peter and penguin Neal is that penguin Neal didn't even build his own nest, but rather coopted the very large and shiny nest that penguin Byron built for penguin June. Penguin Neal "thoughtfully" points out where the penguins Burke can find the lovely fine fish that penguin June brings home, but the breach is actually mended when penguin June opens her nest to the whole penguin WC family and trades hunting tips with penguin Elizabeth, who of course has the very finest fish and pebble recommendations in the entire penguin colony.
the penguins Burke

oh my god XD XD

But yeah, OF COURSE he's just moving into penguin June's shiny nest as soon as he ... I don't know, wanders into the colony after getting kicked out of his colony for pebble theft, or whatever the penguin version of Neal's canon backstory might be.

re: your Keller comment - believe it or not I actually ALMOST had something in one of my replies about penguin Peter having to rescue penguin Neal from leopard seal Keller, but then I wasn't sure if that worked for Keller or if he ought to be a penguin too. (Actually, WC doesn't have very many baddies who straight-up fit the "predator" model, as opposed to some canons where there are lots of them; their baddies are mostly sneaky/sly instead of directly aggressive. Keller's about the only one who does work for that, and maybe Rachel ...) But, yes. Maybe he drags penguin Neal down and penguin Peter has to fight him off. :D Penguin h/c!

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