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Okay, Internet hive mind ...

I have a question about the Daredevil TV show.

In the episode in which Foggy and Karen have their "date" (1x06, I think), there's a part of that scene in which my interpretation seems to be 180 degrees off from the prevailing fandom interpretation, at least based on what I'm picking up from fic, which is pretty much 100% going with this other version. So I would like to see what you all think.

That part of the "date" scene where Karen asks if Foggy can touch her face, and he does ...

It seems like the fandom took that to mean that Karen wants to pretend Foggy is Matt, so it's pretty much THE definitive torpedo-the-ship moment for the Karen/Foggy ship.

But that's not how I read it at all! I thought she was flirting with him, just picking up from what they'd been talking about earlier. Yes, she was asking him about Matt earlier, and that was kind of sad, but at this point it seemed to me that the focus had shifted to "I want you to touch my face." It's not sad! She's flirting with him! She's having fun and she wants him to touch her!

... however, apparently no one else got that out of the scene? And admittedly I can be slow at picking up intended subtext. So I'm wondering what you all thought. How did you read that exchange?

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Without going back to see the scene again -- I remember thinking that she was definitely flirting. But, I vaguely recall a bit of Matt related sadness afterwards.

It never occurred to me that she was wanting Foggy to be Matt. I thought it was more related to Foggy repeatedly saying how Matt "gets the girl" and implying that Foggy feels inferior. So Karen is saying I want you to touch me.
To me it's pretty clear that Karen/Foggy is the end-ship for the first season of Daredevil. He clearly likes her and she clearly likes him romantically, and I thought she was flirting in that scene. (As you know I read her relationship with Matt as brother-sister). I have not read the comics so I'm just going by what I see on screen.
*nods* Yeah, I also see a lot of Karen/Foggy in the first season, and that scene is one of the big ones for it. I can see where people are coming from with the other interpretation, but to me it's almost too sad to contemplate -- it feels kind of cruel, actually, on her part, and Karen doesn't seem like a cruel person to me.
Well, my default is polyshipping everything, so I read it as flirting with Foggy but also thinking about Matt. She seems to like the threesome, and so do I. :) For me it was a great bit!
Personally, I think Karen was caught up in the moment of being with someone so clearly into her and it was a genuine 'I like Foggy' moment mixed in with 'everything about Matt fascinates me'. For me, matters of the heart are not as clear cut as screen plots would have, so as I said, I am with you on the 'she wanted Foggy' in that moment.

The fact that by the end of the season Foggy was back with Marci doesn't mean (for me) that the Karen/Foggy door is closed either. Its lovely and complex and complicated... like real life ;-)