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I finished season five of Engrenages tonight. General finale notes: everything is awful, everyone is miserable, and they managed to take a ship I only just started shipping this season and make it so toxic that I'm emphatically unshipping it now -- thanks a lot, show! (On the other hand, with this show, it's not like I don't expect that sort of thing.)

Where will I go for my daily dose of masochism now that I've run out of episodes? (Okay, yes, I know they have clubs for that sort of thing ...)

On a more cheerful note, there was a lot I loved about this season, and I have this positive thing to say in particular: Mad props to the show for having a pregnant female character in an active, dangerous career, going out adventurin' and whatnot, and not once did any of her close guy friends try to stop her, or shame her for it, or otherwise imply that it wasn't her decision and she couldn't go adventurin' if she wanted to. Even when she actually got hurt doing it, the subtext wasn't "Laure is irresponsible" but more along the lines of "heroes get hurt sometimes". The guys blame themselves for not backing her up; they don't blame Laure for doing it in the first place.

(Minor side note: I was deeply amused by the hospital scene after Laure gets stabbed while being a Big Damn Hero, in which Tintin, Gilou and Herville are all hovering worriedly, and the doctor comes out and is like, "Which one of you is the father?" And they all just stare at him, and nobody actually answers. God knows what he thinks her personal life is like. XD)

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>Where will I go for my daily dose of masochism now that I've run out of episodes?

The question I ask myself about Supernatural... (lol season 11)