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These are the prompts that I have left to go for a blackout on my h/c bingo card:

- surgery
- rape/non-con
- telepathic trauma
- tyranny/rebellion

In addition to that, technically I need to finish the Sam-and-Bucky-in-the-wilderness fic, because I'm counting that for one of the squares and they have to be finished in order to qualify. (Besides, I need to finish it anyway. It's only been EIGHT MONTHS since I started posting it; good grief. Everyone will have left the fandom by the time you get it done, SELF.)


Current state of the card:

brainwashing / deprogramming begging surgery skeletons in the closet arrest
severe / life-threatening illness lacerations / knife wounds rape / non-con falling family
hallucinations mutation WILD CARD
(culture shock)
telepathic trauma hiding an injury / illness
sacrifice exhaustion abuse nervous breakdown amnesia
heat stroke cursed tyranny / rebellion runaways tentacles

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Well, I have a friend who regularly takes years to finish WiPs (I think about a decade in one case) so that makes me feel a little better ... XD
Oh, wow, congratulations on filling in so many squares already! I signed up, but then failed to write a single story.
Thank you! :D I have never done more than a single line if I'm lucky, so coming this close to a blackout is kind of amazing.
Congrats on almost finishing your chart
- telepathic trauma - how about something from Neal physic world - may be Peter senses Neal is in trouble when he off anklet (Vice a-versa works too)