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Apparently Netflix has picked up a second season of Daredevil - which I'm really delighted about, because I enjoyed the first one a lot, and liked the character dynamics, and I think a lot of the things I felt let down about are mostly just because they had so little time to develop the long-arc character stuff. I am very much looking forward to finding out where things go in season two!

I didn't even realize renewal for Netflix's Marvel shows was a possibility, because they have a plan (4 miniseries leading up to a final crossover miniseries), so I figured those individual minis were all we'd get. This is very nice to know, especially if the others do well. We could end up getting to see a LOT of this corner of the universe!

(Why couldn't Agent Carter have been on Netflix instead of network TV? It'd be a shoe-in for Netflix renewal, I bet -- it seems like exactly the sort of cult show they go for. If ABC doesn't renew it, maybe Netflix will pick it up ... fingers crossed! I wish we knew; it's more frustrating to be in limbo than to have to deal with the disappointment of the series not being picked up for another season.)

Oh, speaking of Agent Carter, I posted a short avengerkink prompt fill over on AO3:
Icemelt - Sousa/Thompson, ~1000 words, for my h/c bingo "knife wounds" square. Just a little bit of hurt/comforty fluff.

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Funny thing is, the reason I watched it was because I had assumed it was short and wouldn't be renewed. But I really like these guys! Would watch again! So I'm actually kind of happy it got renewed with a side of "darn now I have to watch another show" thrown in, haha.

p.s. YES on AC. I would sooooo love for it to have another season, damn. I loved it so much!

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