Kismet-Frank threat

Random thoughts when one is awake at 3 a.m.

I went to bed at a reasonable hour, like a responsible adult, and then woke up -sproing- at 2 a.m., as usually happens when I try to be responsible that way.

On the other hand, the aurora was having a gorgeous display, so I went out in the yard and watched that for awhile, enjoying the novel sensation of watching the aurora without freezing to death while doing it. We rarely get really striking auroras this late in the year -- it's already not quite getting dark at night, so the aurora glimmering above a bright horizon was really interesting and novel. Plus, at one point I saw an owl fly across it, which in all my years of aurora-watching is totally a new one for me.

And now I'm wide awake, since my body thinks I had a nice refreshing nap. So I decided screw being an adult, I'm awake anyway and I don't have to be up early in the morning, may as well have a beer.

I went ahead and updated Sun-Cutter since I'm awake anyway. This particular update is a meet-cute between two characters whose first meeting I've had in mind for close to 15 years, but I never did it as a side story because I never really had a plot for the rest of it. Eventually I realized it would work fine as a flashback, since most of the rest of their story is in flashbacks anyway. And I got to play with a limited color palette for this, which is fun. (Next week, things go off the rails, as usual.)

I think I should probably spend the upcoming week doing mostly Kismet. My comfortable page buffer has been nibbled away to a little over a month, and summers are always very busy for me, so I'd like to get all the pages done through early fall in the next few weeks.

I also want to start doing more Kismet stuff on Tumblr, but I'm completely drawing a blank on, like ... what to do? Because most of Kismet these days is either working on pages, or it's mental plot noodling that exists entirely in my head. There used to be a time when I wrote a ton of Kismet snippets outside the main continuity, and sketched a bunch (well, I still do that, but it's mostly working out costume designs for upcoming characters and other spoilery stuff), and made gifs and cartoons and so forth. I feel like I should start playing with it more again. I'm having trouble even figuring out where to start with that, though.

Maybe if I set a goal of starting on May 1 (that's a nice day for starting a new venture - Beltane!) and posting one new Kismet thing per day on Tumblr. That might work. And it'll give me some time to work on stuff. I kinda just want to get the word out about the comic a little bit more, because it has a loyal audience, but a very small audience, and I think there are probably more people out there who'd like it if they knew about it! But there is just so much of it, about 500 pages so far. And that's a significant chunk of comic if you are just checking out something new. I think maybe it's easier to entice a new audience for a webcomic if it's brand new and there isn't much of a time commitment. (On the other hand ... Exhibit A: Homestuck.)

In genuinely unrelated news, I really, really wish the AO3 had a blacklist function. It would make certain fandoms 1000% more fun.

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In genuinely unrelated news, I really, really wish the AO3 had a blacklist function. It would make certain fandoms 1000% more fun.

Hah, yessss. I would pay cash money for this feature.
SO MUCH YES. The funny thing is, I almost never use the blacklist on LJ (and I don't even know if DW has one, which kind of answers that question) because it's so easy to exclude people from your internet-using experience in other ways, whether through flocking or unfollowing or whatnot. BUT AO3. GOD. I'm with you: if that was a thing, I would totally pay for a membership or whatever the hell I had to pay for in order to be able to use it.
aaaahhhh! Thank you so much for this! :) I will give it a try and see if I like it - very much appreciated! ♥
Sometimes bodies just want to sleep at random times! Still, you got to see an aurora and an owl flying across it - much more interesting than sleep! :D

I've never felt like I've needed to blacklist anyone, other than spammers, but I've been fortunate so far not to attract annoying or hurtful people. I think a blacklist would make things a lot easier for many people and it would be reassuring to know it was there if I ever did attract someone like that. *hugs*
That's awesome! I've only ever seen the aurora from an airplane; I would love to see it in person.
In genuinely unrelated news, I really, really wish the AO3 had a blacklist function. It would make certain fandoms 1000% more fun.

The speed with which I would blacklist "Omegaverse" (alpha/omega dynamics) would be stunning.
I really do not understand why AO3 doesn't have a "search WITHOUT" option (i.e. -deathfic for example instead of only additive queries).
Yup, I'm aware of the "OR", but I don't believe there's a "NOT", i.e. give me Kirk/Spock but not Kirk/Spock/Bones... anyway someone above posted the wonderful ao3-saviour and I just tried it and it works perfectly for my purposes!

Ahaha, it was you who posted it :D


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Yes, I know there's a "-" tag but I remember using it and for whatever reason it wasn't doing what I expected for me...I think because it probably matches case/full word so unless you get really clever with regular expressions you can't really get rid of whatever you want unless it's matched exactly. Anyway, regardless, ao3-saviour is EXACTLY what I wanted, so tyvm :)
I am definitely going to give ao3-savior a try! Hopefully it will help.

And yeah, you CAN do "-" searches, but it's not just a simple matter of clicking on things (or, well, maybe I just say that because I always forget how to do it XD). At least makes it simple to exclude search terms.
Yes, I don't remember what it is about AO3 "not" search but it doesn't function like google's and it's limiting. AO3-saviour is awesome!!
I would love to be able to sit out and watch the borealis

good luck with Kismet and the other projects