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A couple of brief comments on Daredevil 1x10

(We marathoned a lot more of it last night than we were really planning on. Send help.)


... and also tragic. But holy moly, the flashbacks. XD XD XD They did a really impressive job, I thought, making them look younger! And just generally seem a lot younger, in the university flashbacks. ~Baaaaaaaabies~~!

Also, if I'd had an ideal scenario for Foggy to find out about Matt, this was pretty much it. AAAAAA CUTEST. ("How many fingers am I holding up?")

I don't want there to only be three more episodes ever!

How did Foggy find out about Matt in the comics, anyway?

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I think I've rewatched ep 10 5 times already because a) it was awesome ... for all the reasons you mention and b) I want to drag this out for as LONG as possible.

Such an awesome show!!
Favorite episode so far, for sure. So much great Foggy and Matt stuff! :D :D

The sad thing about this show is that renewal isn't even an option here -- since there's a long-term plan in place, when it's over, it's over, and the next time we'll see these characters is however much we get of them in the final Defenders series. But, wow, this is making me really excited for the rest of the Defenders shows -- it's gonna be so great! :D
Huh. I didn't know there was a plan. I guess I'll roam the net and read it.

I've been enjoying Daredevil too. It's a bit violent for me (I grew up with comics that didn't show much blood). Although, now that I think on it, it's easy to remember a cover of Dd where the Kingpin (Fisk) is swinging Dd by his ankles and presumably about to smash him into something.

I have the old Defenders comics, but I cannot remember if Dd ever was a member.

The MCU has been lots of fun for me. But, I have to keep reminding myself it's another reboot, so I won't be disappointed when old canon doesn't play.
Yeah, this is apparently the first of four miniseries that will all take place in Hell's Kitchen with different local superheroes from the Marvel comics; then there will be a final Defenders miniseries with all of them. Of the various ones they'd said they were going to do, I was looking forward to Daredevil the least, because I never really connected with the DD comics all that well -- but I am loving the show, and really eager for the others! :D

But yeah, it's very violent and bloody compared to the rest of the MCU. I think my sense of grim'n'gritty has been temporarily re-calibrated by watching Engrenages (which is WAY worse) and otherwise it would be bothering me more than it is.
Reading your commentary as I catch up on the show and now I'm at the end of 1x10 and my reaction is NOOOOOOOO no how dare you have foggy packin up to leave just b/c it's a totally realistic reaction to a perfectly normal sense of betrayal?!

...It's nearly 9PM, my ideal bedtime. We'll see whether I actually stick to just one more episode to see if this gets fixed.

I'm with you on the violence, btw. I'm doing the mute, duck, and peek method of self-editing most of it out. I want more protagonist character development time!
UGH YES I KNOW. The crying is what really got me. (Both of them! Oh BABIES.) And yet, even in the middle of his perfectly justified hurt and betrayal, Foggy spends most of the day with Matt to make sure he's going to be okay. ♥ AAAAUUUUGGGHHH.
It was already pretty late when I watched episode 9 last night. I was getting to a point wishing for the episode to end because the violence with the fight was getting to me. Then the end came where Foggy found Matt and I had see more. I told myself I would only watch the first five or ten minutes of episode ten and before I know it it's nearly 2 in the morning and I finished the episode.

The violence is difficult to watch but the characters make it worth watching.