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Stray thoughts on Daredevil as of 1x06

Outside-the-cut comments: still really enjoying it. Of course ... superheroes. You could probably put a cape on a beach ball and I'd watch that.

(Although Marvel superheroes don't really have capes on their costumes, do they? Magneto does, I guess ... he's the only one I can think of off the top of my head.) ETA: Okay, yes, as [personal profile] st_aurafina pointed out, I'm forgetting Thor of all people. Among others. Still, capes don't seem to be quite as much of a thing for Marvel superheroes as they are over in the DCU.

Anyway, yes, greatly enjoying it. One thing about coming into the show with a passing familiarity with the comics is that the Claire/Matt kiss, while completely telegraphed by the narrative tropes in play, totally surprised me, because I was 100% expecting Matt/Karen instead. Actually, I wasn't expecting Claire to be a major character at all; I figured she was a one-off guest star who would, at most, show up occasionally to patch him up as needed. But no! I'm finding this delightful; the show isn't sticking faithfully to the comics storylines and pairings (as the Iron Man movies don't, either) so there are a lot of surprises along the way, while still keeping the biggest emotional beats intact, such as the Matt-Foggy friendship and Matt's backstory with his dad.

I still can't tell if Claire/Matt and Foggy/Karen are the endgame pairings, or if the show will eventually go in a Matt/Karen direction after all. At this point, I hope not, because Karen and Foggy are so damned cute (also, it's terribly sad if Foggy's "the hot girls always go for Matt" thing is going to be borne out by canon itself), and I really love Claire/Matt as well. But it's hard to tell if Karen is into Foggy that way -- on their "date", she spent a lot of time fishing for information about Matt, and the forehead kiss in the hospital, while darling, seems more sisterly than shippy.

(The "I want you to touch my face" scene, though. N'AWWWWWW. Whether it's eventually as lovers or bros, these two are the absolute CUTEST. And the bit where she told him it wasn't the worst date she'd ever been on seemed hopeful for their future as a possible couple? I just don't knowwwww.)

And, Foggy: still my favorite. Although the others are giving him serious competition ... and yeah, I really like Matt now too, though I think I still like the other three a bit more. But I like that Matt is struggling with the moral implications of his methods, and listening to Claire when she tells him he's not that guy and he can't become what he's fighting in order to win. I also really like that everyone is getting to be Big Damn Heroes in their own way -- Karen going after the corporate baddies even at the risk of her own life; Claire fighting goons and going into the hospital to help out after the explosions even though she's still in danger; Foggy helping explosion victims and not even noticing he's hurt 'til the danger is past. (Neat parallel with virtually the same shot of Matt pulling back his suit jacket to notice he's bled through his shirt in 1x02, and Foggy doing the same thing in 1x05. Also, when the explosion blew the windows in on Foggy and Karen's date, I squeaked out loud. I was expecting Matt's crime-fighting to intrude violently on their lives at some point, but wasn't expecting it nearly so soon. The shock of that scene is really well done, with the sudden 180-degree turn from gentle intimacy to unexpected violence; it even made me jump when I rewatched that part of the episode again.)

I think my only real problem with the show at this point is that I wish there was less with the bad guys and more with the main characters. Because I really love the main characters! And I want them interacting with each other! And so far, we've only gotten short scenes of Karen and Foggy, or Foggy and Matt, or Matt and Claire, interspersed with comparatively a whole lot of Matt beating up people in the rain, or evil people doing horrible things to each other. (Or going on awkward dates. Although Wilson Fisk Explores The New York Dating Scene is semi-entertaining, I felt like there was about 90% more of that subplot than we really needed, especially since it didn't end up shedding a whole lot of light on either him or Vanessa as characters. To me anyway.)

In fact, a great deal of the pacing in this show is weirdly drawn out, especially since it's a limited series with only a limited number of episodes. With such a short season, did we really need THAT much of Kingpin courting Vanessa, or Daredevil arguing with/interrogating Vladimir? I just feel like the balance of the show is weighted more heavily toward the criminal and crime-fighting side than the character-interaction side, for my tastes.

However, the main reason why I feel this way is because I love the characters and feel like I'm not getting quite enough of them as an ensemble, so the show is obviously doing something right.

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I'm glad you're enjoying it! :) Yeah, Daredevil seems to be one of those shows that people generally liked, but don't talk about much.

I was really startled by Claire becoming a regular; I had assumed she was going to be a one-episode character (just a random bystander who helped him) and I was very pleasantly surprised when she kept coming back, and started developing a relationship with him. I agree about their great chemistry. All the characters play off each other in such lovely ways. :)
We just watched ep 6 tonight so I came and read your post, and at this point in the series I'm feeling pretty much exactly as you do - am enjoying it, but enjoying the character stuff way more than the crimefighting stuff and wish the balance were tipped more toward the former. Especially as they are fun characters, I like all of them - and the pairings, at least as established so far, Foggy/Karen is adorable whether it's flirting or just friends, and Claire/Matt I'm finding way more compelling than I'd expect. But it's frustrating that they're split up, having separate plotlines - this ep intersected them a bit and I hope that keeps up!