Winter Sunlight

I am watching Daredevil 1x02 ...

.... and I have a comics-related squeeeeeee.


ETA: And the fact that they have a very minor character from the Power Man & Iron Fist era of the comics makes me very hopeful that we'll get Misty & Colleen eventually, eeeeeeeee.

Other brief comments as of mid-1x02: wow, I love how they captured the general look of the comics, and Karen & Foggy are freakin' adorable together. Actually, I really love their Foggy generally - he was always my favorite Daredevil character anyway, and the MCU version is super fun. I also really like how Karen's trauma is following her around and isn't just forgotten by the second episode.

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I'm on episode four, and so far I'm loving it! Oddly, my favourite thing about it is the lighting. It's beautiful, and comics-y, and it's such a nice _change_ to see so much purple and yellow rather than orange and teal.

Also, the guy playing Foggy was in The Mighty Ducks, and that pleases my Canadian heart greatly.
It's really fun so far! And, oh, that's a really good point about the lighting! I had noticed that it looked a little different from usual (and I'm still impressed at how comics-ish it looks, but in a very different way from the more superheroey, mainstream Avengers stuff) but I hadn't caught on how much of that was the colors. Marvel is so good with the stylish look of their shows.
I noticed the colours first in Matt's apartment. They're really prominent there. And isn't that a comics-y scene*, with a slanting line of colour across a dark background, and then the figures against that?

I love the lighting design so much.

*Of the "we want to just show the people, not fill in furniture and walls and stuff, but we need to have some sort of not-just-black background" style.
Yeah, Matt's apartment was the first place I really started to notice the stark, sort of Frank Miller-esque staging of the shots. I hadn't noticed the colors 'til you pointed it out, but now that I'm paying attention to it, it's very striking, especially at the end of 1x02. It gives the show a very unique and gorgeous look. :D