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Engrenages: oh lord the h/c

This show is such a weird blend of total do-not-want and stuff that absolutely mashes down my h/c and friendship buttons. [personal profile] frith_in_thorns had to listen to me blathering about this particular storyline via chat, so I may as well inflict it on the rest of you.

Basically one of the major subplots in season three is a nobody-loves-me, I-may-as-well-move-to-China woobie fanfic, except toned down and with a great deal more in-characterness and snark. It was amazing.

.... I also feel that I need to point out this particular plot was weaving in and out among other plots involving a) a serial killer who rapes and sexually tortures women, with WAY MORE GRAPHIC DETAIL than anyone needed or wanted; b) a subplot in which the main characters beat up and torture a suspect to make him confess, and it looks for awhile like they actually did it to the wrong guy, so they're in trouble for that, but WOOPS ACTUALLY HE'S GUILTY so everyone who thought they went overboard apologizes; and c) a teenager who accuses an adult of pedophilia in revenge because the guy wouldn't sleep with him, which is, yes, the third major revenge-motivated fake rape storyline on this show. So, just to remind you what the rest of the show is like before you run out and watch it.


Basically, one of the main cop characters has decided to transfer to another department because he feels unappreciated. Instead of, like, just telling him she wants him around, his best friend and boss gives him a TERRIBLE employee review to torpedo his chances of transfer. He is understandably angry about this, and everyone fights for an episode or two before she apologizes and gives him a good review so his transfer paperwork gets approved.

So from there onward, he blatantly mopes around, dropping unsubtle hints that he wants to be asked to stay. Meanwhile the others feel abandoned and are angry at him for leaving, while trying to grit their teeth and be happy for him, which generally translates to everyone being pissy with each other (like, say, he wants to go out for drinks to celebrate and everyone suddenly has other things to do -- SO YES, THERE IS CANONICAL SHUNNING).

The way this whole thing resolves itself is that he has a heart attack in the middle of a shootout. Or, er, something along those lines. Canon is weirdly vague about what exactly did happen to him (to the point where I feel like there is supposed to be another storyline later on that got dropped for some reason) but anyway, he collapses and passes out in the middle of a gunfight, and everyone completely freaks out because a) first they can't find him, and then b) they think he got shot and has been bleeding out all alone. There is worried clinging and everyone feeling terrible! And he decides not to leave.

Admittedly I'm streamlining it down to the major plot beats, and there IS a lot in the broader plot and character interactions that doesn't quite fit the trope, but seriously, this has got to be one of the lemon-chickeniest things I've ever seen in actual canon.*

(*For those who missed out on Stargate fandom and therefore haven't encountered post-Trinity fic, though most fandoms have some equivalent, here's an explanation - scroll down to the part that starts "Screw you guys, I'm goin' to China!")

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Oh god lol I can see why you cannot resist! I admit I shamelessly consumed post-Trinity fic because it mashes my buttons (not the OOC John is mean ones, just ones where people are justifiably upset with Rodney's choices). But... I'm resisting (re)watching this show because the last episode I tried involved pulling condoms out of a corpse's ass.... :P
OH LORD I REMEMBER THAT EPISODE. And yeahhhhh, this show is AMAZINGLY gruesome. I keep forgetting that I really shouldn't watch it while I'm eating. :P My tolerance for that kind of thing is generally fairly high, at least for American-TV levels of it, but I keep hitting things that make me have to cover up part of the screen with my hand to keep watching the scene ...

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Yeah, eating is a no go with this show. Also, I only watched that particular one because your fic was a coda for it. >.<

*blames you completely* :P

Ahahah this show sounds like such a crazy mix of OTT crime grit and fanfic tropes! You are wicked, we're going to have to check it out (though it sounds like we'll be fastforwarding. and I'll be covering my eyes a lot >.>)
YES, that is exactly what it is. :D It's so incredibly dark and gruesomely violent that I feel guilty recommending it to people (I mean, even apart from the goriness and awfulness, the characters I like most, who love each other and are willing to die for each other, are at each other's throats half the time too) but then it'll suddenly drop me into a pile of fanfic-worthy h/c & found-family FEEEEEELS, and it's totally worth it.
That sounds like one of those fanfics that, when done well, is angsty and lovely, but done badly just seems OOC! But in this show, it isn't OOC at all, because it exists in canon!! :D

I won't be watching, as it just sounds far too gory and gritty for me, but I can certainly see the attraction!!

(Oh yeah, those post-Trinity fics. Some very good, some good, some okay and some so terrible they made me wonder if we were watching the same show!)
Yeah, I'm loving certain aspects of the show but I also have enormous caveats about recommending it to people because of, well, certain other aspects ...