WhiteCollar-Peter smiling

Wolf visual aid

I thought those of you who read my White Collar werewolf AU series might enjoy this gif, via Tumblr, that demonstrates how big wolves actually are:

Now consider that wolf!Peter is probably even bigger than this, because one of the "rules" of the werewolf AU is that werewolves change shape, but not mass, so wolf!Peter weighs about the same as human Peter, and therefore has to be well over 200 lbs. (By the same logic, wolf!Diana is quite small; Marsha Thomason is not that large and therefore Diana's wolf version is nowhere near as big as Peter's, more like a very large Husky or Malamute. I also imagine she's a quite lean and leggy wolf, whereas Peter is more powerfully built.)

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Wolf!Peter is much too dignified to do anything like that wolf is doing, but he could easily stand up with his paws on Neal's shoulders if he wanted to (and possibly knock him over).
...and give him a quick heart attack, hee... I know Neal is okay with the wolf part and he has obviously made effort to learn about it and embrace the situation but then Peter would do something like, yes, stand up and put his paws on Neal's shoulder and Neal would once again have that brief "oh, God, he's gonna eat me" moment before Peter would lick his face clean :P

:D :D :D
Wow, that's cool!
(And now I want such a scene in a fic...:-D)
This looks adorable would love a fic where Peter stands on Neal either to protect him from the bad guys or playfully.
I can just imagine wolf Peter being massive - and now I need a story where wolf Peter knocks jumps up on Neal to knock him down - protecting Neal, but Neal doesn't realize this and thinks Peter is attacking him. :D
Any excuse to watch a wolf gif is fine with me, lol!! And Peter is even bigger, wow! I concur with above comments, you so need to give Neal a mini-heart attack with Peter doing something like this! :D
Love the gif. I adopted a wolf family in my mom's name last Christmas.
WOW That is one big wolf. To think Peter would be even bigger is amazing.

I like the idea of Peter wolf knocking Neal down and then not letting him up and Neal complaining that he is getting hair on his suit. ;)
hey there

Unrelated (though a very pretty picture); today found out that stories had been taken from AO3 without permission and posted to an ebook download site. A couple of mine were taken; I happened to check your nick and found 30 (!!) of yours:

There's a tumblr post on how you can try and get it addressed; see darthinfie.tumblr.com (me) for the post that told me about it.

Cheers - Inf