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I wrote a thing for Engrenages

I really don't see this ever being a major ficcing fandom for me, or really a major fandom at all, but I wrote a little something to check off another square on my h/c bingo card.

Ça va, ça va (gen, 1000 wds)
They're all okay. Missing scene for 4x05. For my h/c bingo square "nervous breakdown".

If you want to read this without having seen the show, all you really need to know is that they're cops and one of them got shot. There's more context for the specific situation in the notes to the fic; it's really only spoilery for a couple episodes right in this immediate area.

(I suppose it tells you a lot about this particular canon that, after I'd posted it, I was rereading it and went, "Wow, there is not nearly enough profanity in this fic. They swear way more than this." So I went back and added some. XD)

I'm also the first person to post Engrenages fic on AO3! I feel like I should get some sort of fandom award for that.

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*hands Sholio a virtual fandom trophee*

What is it with American people suddenly talking about Engrenages? (And no, sadly I'm not watching, and the amount of violence you've pointed out makes me feel I should stay away...)

But Yay for French show!! :)
Yay trophy! \o/ Thank you! :D

Season five just aired in the UK, so maybe that's why? (Are Americans talking about it? I want more people to talk to about it!)

.... but yeah, I know you don't like dark and violent stuff, and this show seems like it would not be your kind of thing AT ALL. So much violence. SO MUCH. (As well as people generally being horrible to each other in all kinds of ways.) I kind of want to recommend it to people, and kind of don't, because it's so unbearably bleak. And yet, then it'll have these little character moments that are just amazingly sweet, and that's what keeps me watching.

I started watching it in the first place primarily to improve my (utterly minimal) comprehension of spoken French, and of the limited French-language offerings on Netflix, it looked the most interesting. Thus far, mostly all I've learned to do is swear in French. XD
ROTF, but swear words are important to sound authentic. ;)
And yeah, given the average quality of French productions, I bet the choice is rather limited... Another one that you could try is Les Revenants. I've heard great things, and it's just been remade for the US.

Paganlowroader asked me about it last week. Pretty sure she doesn't watch things aired in the UK, so it must have been mentioned in some US program. Maybe precisely because it's on Netflixand the offer from French shows is limited. ^^

Funny, I had no idea it was being exported, but it's good to hear. :)
Netflix does have Les Revenants! It doesn't look like entirely my thing, but then, Engrenages didn't either, so I've added it to my queue; I'll see how I like it. :)
...and now you're telling me there's HOSPITAL bedside scenes?! dear god even if it is dark and angsty and bleak I'm still apparently gonna HAVE to watch this now :-p...suuuuuch a wench! (and then I'll even have your fic to look forward to! \o/)

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Yes, this show has canon hospital bedside scenes! \o/ And awkwardly adorable thank-yous for mutual lifesaving. Also, hugs.

.... Not all in the same episode.

It's so dark, though! SO DARK. (I'm rewatching season one now, and I had forgotten how horrible some of the cases-of-the-week are. Like, there'e a murder victim who was sodomized with a golf club and then set on fire, and a baby that was beaten to death by its nanny, and another murder victim who had her face cut off .... AUGH.)

I do want to hear your thoughts if you watch it, though! :D Assuming you can soldier through the bleakness and gore to get to the cute character stuff.
Do you know of any other fanfiction out there for Engrenages, in either English or French?