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Okay, I watched the other 45 minutes of the Engrenages season 4 finale ...

... and I have to say that was pretty much EVERYTHING I could've hoped for from that particular TV plot trope.

I feel as if I should cut for spoilers (and there are major spoilers under the cut) even though I suspect the odds of most people on my flist ever watching this show are pretty low.

The plot trope in question being "let's blow up the building the main characters are in".

I knew Sami died (and wasn't that attached to him in the first place, although I liked him), so that wasn't too much of a blow.

BUT ALL THE REST OF IT. ♥♥♥ MY OT3! ♥♥♥ I mean, we got Gilou literally RUNNING INTO AN EXPLODING BUILDING, WHICH IS CURRENTLY EXPLODING because Tintin's in there; then semi-clinging to him in the rubble; then clinging to Laure and holding her while she cries. I think the only thing that would've made it PERFECT would be Tintin being part of the hug'n'sob pile, but I think he's kind of too traumatized (LET'S BLOW UP THE GUY WITH PTSD WHY DON'T WE). As much as I love the h/c-ish aspects of the show, the characters are all so restrained and macho when it comes to showing affection that we very rarely get the show just cutting loose with this kind of thing.

I regret nothing right now.

I will probably regret everything when I start watching season five.

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I've seen that show several times on Air Canada flights but I never have watched it... Too busy right now to start a new thing, but if I ran across it again I guess I'm giving it a try XD Team stuff is a thing for me too.
It is a VERY dark and gruesome show in a lot of ways! But it does have some really lovely team stuff that pushes my buttons like whoa. :D Season four seems to be hitting that especially hard. ETA: And I would love to have someone to talk to about it! :)

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You, madame, are a wench!

I have no need of another dark, gritty, procedural ish show...and yet...AND YET...I'm with you on adoring that particular trope to pieces and now I'm very very tempted!! DAMMIT! :-p *headdesk* Oh h/c teamy worry how am I so sooo weak to you?!
I am SUCH a wench. Would it help if I mention that there's a storyline in the first season that involves one of the guy cops in my OT3 overdosing on drugs and then his friends taking care of him through detox?

(Sadly we didn't really SEE most of this, but still. I think that was the point where I sort of fell hardcore into liking them best.)

Like I noted in my last post, though, there's a lot of stuff about the show that drives me fucking bonkers. It's definitely a mixed bag. I've realized in season four that probably 90% of what I have a problem with is in the lawyers' storylines, so I'm just skipping those and watching all the cop parts. I'VE BECOME ONE OF THOSE FANS WHO ONLY WATCHES THE METHOS EPISODES. /o\ (But I'm enjoying the show so much better that way!)

BAHAHAHAH...welcome to the DARK side (well, for HL I've watched all the eps...but for say...SV, it was only the Lex bits really, so yeah, I've definitely watched shows this way...or Spartacus, which I have actually ONLY seen the bits that someone clipped and put on youtube of the main m/m relationship and NOTHING else...so um..yeah...^___-)

But really, in some cases, it's the only way to actually enjoy a series!
...and then Gnine went and told me this comment exchange happened, and OD'ing and detox? Even if we don't see most of it...that is just Not Fair. HDU! :P
I know, I have no shame. :D :D (I probably shouldn't be convincing anyone to watch this show, because this show regularly stomps on my heart with spiky boots. But ... team feeeeeeeels and h/c. What's a girl to do?)

I also just wrote up an intro picture-post which is here if, y'know, you want to find out more about the characters for ... reasons. XD