Winter Sunlight

More miscellany

• Webcomic: Today's Kismet update is the last page of Part One. SPACESHIP LEAVING PORT! Also, this is the first time I've drawn Alex as a hologram ... because he is too lazy (or, more likely, preoccupied) to walk from room to room on a spaceship in which the living area is literally like 40 feet long. Now on to Part Two, and back to Kismet itself! On a side note, I've gotten really lax about mentioning Kismet updates on Tumblr/Facebook/etc (SOMETHING I PLAN TO FIX) but I am very reliable about updating the RSS feed. You can follow [syndicated profile] suncutter_feed (DW) or suncutter_feed (LJ), if these are useful for you. :)

• Posted at my other blog: today's walk in the sunshine with a cat (also on tumblr). Also, incidentally, posted on Facebook and my "woops, there's a blog here isn't there?" website blog. This juggling of multiple social media is exhausting sometimes; I think one of the main reasons I miss when everyone was doing everything on LJ is because it was less WORK. XD

• I wrote a short Saga fic after reading books 1-4, and finally got around to posting it on AO3: Day by Day, set after the 3rd book/issue #18, in which Gwendolyn and Sophie work some things out.

• Probably burying the lede somewhat, I also wrote a White Collar fic tonight for [community profile] fan_flashworks' "Unidentified Object" challenge: Box of Awesome, set post-series, mostly focused on mini-Neal but also has the main three. Gen.

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Er ... which story? There are more than one! :D

(Not that I don't appreciate the compliment!)

Edited at 2015-04-06 10:57 am (UTC)
Oops sorry, the Little Neal 'meeting' his namesake one (though I could simply bat my virtual eyelashes and go "all of them!" - well the ones I've read :)
Oh, I love that Box of Awesome fic sooooo insanely much!! Sooo much perfection in such a small box ;-)