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I posted a piece of Agent Carter fanart on Tumblr. Just some head studies of Peggy from the first episode, really. I want to start doing more fanart again ...

Also here's me historygeeking about Peggy's mention of working at Bletchley Park during the war (or, more accurately, complaining about it, since NO ONE who worked at Bletchley Park talked about it until the 1970s at least. (Also, aargh, while it doesn't matter on the dashboard, I need to find a Tumblr theme that doesn't eat my paragraph breaks. Bleh. In the meantime, if you didn't know, you can always get rid of eyebleeding formatting on Tumblr by appending "/mobile" to the URL, so here is the mobile version of that link.)

Although I haven't done much for it (yet?), I am really intrigued by how much better the current commentfic round at Collar Corner is making me feel about White Collar. Not that I've precisely gotten over the things that turned me off the show in the first place, but the play and joy and just fun of the comment prompts is reminding me how much fun it used to be to feel that way about that show. I've also realized that I'm being a trifle inconsistent, since with Agent Carter, I'm ... er, I'm not sure if I'd go so far as to say I'm ignoring certain aspects of Agent Carter canon, but I'm certainly doing a bit of gleeful creative revision of, say, little problems like the fact that the characters I most enjoy writing about actually kind of hate each other in canon. Whereas with White Collar I've latched onto the worst possible interpretation of the finale and run with it. And that's really kind of silly.

I'm also seriously thinking about signing up for [community profile] nightonficmountain, a small fandoms summer fic exchange (sort of like Yuletide but not in the winter). Agent Carter is eligible, and I think there are enough other fandoms I'm into that I could put together a signup slate. Anyway, I'm tempted.

I haven't abandoned the idea of an Agent Carter fic and/or general fanworks exchange, by the way. :D I've just been busy with other things. And it looks like no one else is doing one yet. Any ideas what to call it? I was originally thinking something like "Agent Carter Spring Fling", for that 1940s era feeling, but it's kind of ... not going to be spring anymore soon. Summer Social?

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I'll go for that hand wave—yes, that's an historical blooper on Bletchley Park, but I like the idea that she consulted.
Yeah, and I think it bothers me much less now that I've realized all the people she says it around have a high security clearance. I'm still not sure if she'd be talking about it that casually, but it actually does "fix" something that had always bugged me a little about that episode.
Oooh, I'm all in favor of Fun With Fandoms ;-) I love your historygeeking over Peggy's line, and I think your hand-wave of fandomy-explanation works quite well, overall. Either that Peggy was consulting there, and/or that the SSR people would know about it anyway -- either/both aspects of that make sense to me w/in the Marvel framework. Like you said, you kinda have to do that anyway with Marvel (even in the X-Men movies that keep Avengers from using the word "mutant", etc. *snort*) -- history is a bit more "fluid" to them than to we average, non-super-hero/mutant/agent persons ;-)

And YAY for commentfic helping you see the joy of WC again, even if just a little bit. The finale did "stuff" to a lot of people, in a lot of different ways, and I'm not ignoring it by any means... but I'm also not going to let it (or other things that bothered me at different times) take away my overall enjoyment of those characters and their interactions. I may be doing the mental equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears, closing my eyes, and going "lalalalalalalala" for a while, but dang it, I just flat *enjoy* those people, and I'm not ready to give them up.

And also YAY for more Agent Carter coming, and possible fic exchange, etc. I'm just glad you're finding ways to keep writing and enjoying it all... b/c (selfishly) that means I get to enjoy what you create ;-)
I think one of the main things I've realized lately about White Collar is that I'm dealing so differently with it than with Agent Carter -- because, yeah, in Agent Carter, the three characters I've latched onto as my favorite fanfic triad actually don't LIKE each other all that much, and I think there's every chance, or at least even odds, that one of them may end up going fairly darkside, or at the very least is almost certainly not going to be all buddy-buddy with the other two, if the show gets a season two. And yet it's not stopping me from shipping them OT3-ishly and writing fic about them anyway. So it's ridiculous to be making myself miserable over White Collar when the actual obstacle is basically just the last 5 minutes of the series finale, not to mention that (as aqwt101 pointed out in my comments a little while back) if the show actually HAD gotten a seventh season, they would almost certainly have "fixed" the rift between the characters in the first episode or two, because THEY ALWAYS DO.

So, yeah. :D And the creativity and playfulness of the comments at collarcorner is really helping with that. I didn't vote in the theme poll (I was reserving myself as a tiebreaker just in case, plus I didn't particularly have an opinion on it) but I'm glad "AU" won, because it's producing a very fun bunch of prompts that have little-to-nothing to do with actual canon, and that's also a big help. :D
That all makes sense, about dealing w/White Collar vs. Agent Carter, etc... and honestly, I'm just glad you're getting to enjoy it again a bit, b/c I felt so badly about how the finale affected you. :-( It just made *me* sad for it to have upset you in the way that it did, if that makes sense. And yes, I'm sure that, if there had been any sort of continuation of it, they'd have found a way to "fix" things... b/c how could they *not*??

And those prompts are really awesome. There's just so much that can be done with these characters, still (think of all the months of each year the series didn't cover! LOL!!), that I'm just glad you're at least getting a bit of that enjoyment back :-)
Speaking of Bletchley Park! Have you ever seen Bletchley Circle? It's a fantastic little British crime show set in the 1950s, about four women who used to work as codebreakers. After the war they get out, get married etc... and find that they are desperately bored, so they turn to solving a series of murders. I adore it so much.
OMG, you MUST watch The Bletchley Circle! There are at least 2 seasons now, and someone needs to be writing crossover fic with Agent Carter. :-)
I really want to! It is definitely on my to-watch list. I think I'll probably love it. :D

btw about your additional comments on my Tumblr post - yeah, I honestly hadn't even thought, until I was writing the post, that all the people she says it around are actually government agents with, presumably, fairly high clearance levels. So, yeah. Not as ahistorical as I had thought, actually! That line had always bugged me, but it doesn't really bother me at all anymore, so yay.
It is soooo goooood. And reminds me a lot of Agent Carter, actually, minus the superheroes. And the fact that the characters actually react like normal people to the idea of going after a serial killer by themselves.

:) Glad it made sense. (I have a tendency to go all Hermione I KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT sometimes, lol, sorry.)
Re: the artwork - Thank you! :)

... and ha, yeah, that is a very good point, as well. :D It's only spring/summer in the northern hemisphere after all. (Ah, that is where you are! I figured you were somewhere significantly out of my time zone because of when you typically post; I just wasn't sure if you were in Europe or what ...)
Well, southern hemisphere + very different time zone has got to be Australia, New Zealand, or the south end of Africa, and in English-speaking fandom it seems like it's almost invariably Aussies. XD (But watch me be completely wrong next time!)
Cool art over on Tumblr!!

I should have noticed the historical glitch with Bletchley Park, but had forgotten that they wouldn't have spoken about it at that time! Still, I'll go with your handwave on it - that SSR knew about Bletchley, so it was okay to mention it (certainly, the other agents didn't wonder what on earth she was on about)!

Thank you for running the current commentfic round! I need to go back and take another look at the prompts so far.. and maybe add more! :D
Thanks! :)

I think the handwave works quite well, actually. I got frustrated with the show for including that line at the time I watched it, but didn't think about the fact that everyone around her had high clearance too.
The artwork is lovely--and very appropriate, given that today is Hayley Atwell's birthday. :-) I've been meaning to catch up on your AC stories--I just haven't had much time lately, but you've got at least 2 I haven't read yet, and it gives me something to look forward to.
I like the art.

Bletchley is so interesting. Have you seen the mystery series with it as a back ground?
My gran worked at Bletchley Park and, because of the Official Secrets Act, we didn't find out about it until the 2000, more than a decade and a half after she died. She never breathed a word. One day I will write the Peggy Carter Having Adventures With My Gran fic.
...I have nothing clver to add, just that I'm really glad that you're feeling better about White Collar! *hugs*
Yay collarcorner! I should've think of some prompts to post...