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Lego Marvel Superheroes: still hilarious

We stopped playing the Lego games for awhile because we were too busy and/or couldn't get our schedules to coordinate (Orion and I play them together) but we've resumed the Marvel Superheroes one, and it is still adorable and hilarious. There's an entire level that you play with Tony in his underwear (he got his suit ripped off by Magneto in the previous boss fight). So he can't get into his house because no pants = no keys. Basically this level involves Steve and Tony breaking into Stark Tower and then fighting their way through Tony's various robot defenses, and Tony literally can't do anything except punch stuff. In his underwear. (Well, okay, and solve puzzles -- this is mostly a puzzle-solving level, which is fun; I like those.)

The previous level involved a lot of Hulk, and I have to say that the game mechanics for playing Hulk are probably a fairly accurate rendition of what it would be like to actually ("actually") have Hulk on your side in a fight, because his attack radius is huge and controlling him is hard, and therefore you smash your teammates a lot. Or knock walls on them and so forth. The fights are pretty chaotic anyway, and it is awfully tempting, as Hulk, to just run around indiscriminately smashing things and depend on the other player to stay out of your way. Which is ... not always the best strategy. (One advantage to playing Iron Man is that he can fly, and therefore is less likely to be accidentally smashed into an Avenger pancake.)

On the other hand, the only other character(s) in the entire Lego game universe that are as delightfully cathartic to play as Hulk are the Ents in the LoTR game, who are basically also unstoppable smashing machines, except bigger and slower.

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Ooh, sounds like a lot of fun!!! And lol, poor Tony! Though there may be some who'd like to see something like that in a movie... *innocent look*

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Heeee, I love the Lego games! Gnine and I have done a bunch together, including the Marvel one - I think we beat all the levels though now I can't remember the Tony in his underwear one. I do remember playing Spider-man and pretty much just web-slinging everywhere because why not! And the joy of Hulk-smashing, yesss~! Fortunately even when you do accidentally smash your co-player they come back quick enough - those games are tuned for 'fun' better than almost any I've played, they don't punish you for not being great at them, just let you keep trying.
They are such a delight! I'm not really much of a gamer, so it's unusual that I'm loving them so much -- but yeah, I think it's because of exactly what you point out: the games aren't hard, they're just fun. The worst that can happen is you get stuck on a level for awhile because you can't figure out the puzzles to advance, or finish a level without much loot because you died a bunch. But they're also engaging and funny enough that they don't get boring.

And yeah, Spider-Man is BY FAR one of the most entertaining characters to play. Web-sling all over the place! :D

The one problem we've had so far is that we've hit quite a few bugs, including some places where we had to play a level over because a character got "stuck" or we did things out of order and then were unable to advance. (There was a highly entertaining bug in one of the levels we just played where we accidentally got Wolverine STUCK IN A ROOF and couldn't get him unstuck, but needed him to complete the next task. We even tried killing him to see if he'd respawn somewhere else, but he's Wolverine so he WOULDN'T DIE. The games could've used more playtesting at the beta stage.)
The Lego games are fun partly because they're so cooperative, at least if you're us playing them there's lots of shouting and laughter, they're a group activity.

Heh, yeah we ran into a similar bug - I can't remember if it was this Lego game or one of the others, but yeah, I remember getting stuck at least once and unable to respawn. It was worse in the Lego games than some, but it seems like such bugs are pretty common in major games (the Mass Effect games I've just been playing all have had weird issues, not game-breaking but there was at least one mini-quest I couldn't do at all...)
It is ridiculous amounts of fun, and I don't game much, so I can attest that once you get through the initial learning curve in figuring out how gameplay works, it's not too challenging to play. :D
We haven't played the multi-player version (b/c we don't have a game system for it), but my daughter and I both have the iPad version, and love it. I haven't had a chance to play all that much, but it is hysterical. (I wonder if there's the Tony-in-his-underwear level on this version?)

I adore the Lego games just for how much humor they inject, even if nothing else.

(The Tony-in-his-underwear one reminds me of the first HP one where, when Lucius Malfoy tries to curse Harry at the end of "Chamber of Secrets", Dobby stops him by making Lucius' trousers vanish!)
It is SO MUCH FUN. :D We're working our way slowly through all the Lego games; we've done the LOTR and Hobbit ones, now we're doing the Marvel one, and we'll probably get to the HP one next. :D
I've done most of the iPad LotR version, too — and then I catch myself trying to do the moves for, say, Aragorn, when I play Harry! LOL (Hint: it doesn't work! LOL) I need to play the Marvel one more; they're all just so *entertaining* while playing!!
I never knew such a thing existed! Now I kind of want to play it XD Sounds awesome.
I don't really play video games. (Mostly because I know I'd get addicted if I did, and my productivity would plummet. XP)

But I feel like I need to play this game now. That sounds hilarious and awesome.
Ha. Yes. This is EXACTLY why I rarely play games, even (or, rather, especially) ones I think I'd probably really get into, like Mass Effect.

So far, though, I've found this one a nice beginner level game: it's not too challenging for the inexperienced (me) but it's also not so severely addicting that it's all I do. It's a fun game to just play for an hour or two, and then go do something else.
It is definitely entertaining. That was one of my favorite things so far. :D
I've never heard of the game (If I game, I lose all my precious free time because I'm easily obssessed). I'll have to look for it.
Oh man, that looks like so much fun! I don't think our Wii unit will play it, though, drat it!