Halloween-black cat

I wonder what is going on in his furry little head

Our cat has never really liked to drink out of his water bowl. He has a large one -- technically a dog water bowl -- but he doesn't seem to like it. I don't think it's anything to do with the relatively high sides, because he absolutely LOVES to stick his head as far as he can get it into people's water glasses and drink out of them. Or the actual dog's water dish, which is even larger. I wondered if maybe it wasn't clean enough, even though he drinks out of driveway puddles, so I made sure to keep the water frequently changed and fresh. Nope.

A few months ago, I came across a small dish, which I think was his old food bowl. I decided to see if he wanted to drink out of that, so I filled it and put it beside the other one.

HE LOVES IT. And now he will only drink out of it. (Well, and water glasses and the dog's dish and the dishwater and the sink drain and puddles in the driveway. Etc. But not the large bowl.) When the water in the little bowl runs out, he acts like a pathetic tragic animal who is DYING OF THIRST, RIGHT HERE, DYING ON THE FLOOR, ~LOUDLY~, until I refill his bowl. Which I usually do by pouring out of the big bowl. And he can sit right there and watch me do it, and then he's all, "Thank you, human! Water now. Hooray. I was so very thirsty!" (He'll rub on my hands so energetically while I'm pouring it that he'll make me spill it. He's never acted like this about water before. He doesn't even usually act that way about FOOD.)



(On the other hand, I run my perfectly fresh and drinkable water through a Brita filter and keep it in the 'fridge to make it that few degrees cooler than it comes out of the tap, so maybe I am not one to talk.)

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LOL!!! There is NO understanding the mind of a cat!! Clearly, that large bowl was just not right. For, you know, reasons! Catly ones, which, of course, are the most important reasons in the world and beyond our lowly human understanding!! :D :D
Cats are just.. weird. But, then, that's why we love them :D I have one cat who likes to drink from the sink faucet, one from the bathtub faucet and one who'll drink out of the toilet if we don't keep the lid down. The dogs don't drink from the toilet, but the cat does :/
Both our cats get so excited about dry food that they will frequently stick their heads under the scoop from which we're pouring it, causing it to bounce all over if we aren't careful. Phantom gets so excited at dry food that her first bite invariably involves tossing her head in way that sprays food out of her mouth. She never gets the bits on the floor that she has just sent flying, though.

They're not so funny about water, though. That's hilarious!
Cats (and dogs, but in different ways) are just... always unique. Our previous two cats were fascinated by running water, especially. We've had a plastic up full of water sitting by our bathroom sink for *years* now (b/c, of course, these newer cats picked up on that somehow!) b/c otherwise, one of the previous cats (especially) would drive us *nuts* wanting us to turn the water on for her repeatedly any time we were in the bathroom. Thankfully, these two will drink from most any of the other water bowls around -- the big on in the kitchen, another good-sized one on the back porch near the pet door, and a smaller one in the master bedroom.

And whyyyy would a person have pet bowls in their bedroom? It started b/c our oldest dog (Sunny; a medium-sized yellow Lab mix) is a "social eater" -- she'll only eat when someone's in the room with her. For years, when I used the desktop computer, her food bowl was in the bedroom so we didn't have to stand in the kitchen for her to eat! When I finally got my laptop, her bowl primarily moved to the den, where we all watch TV while online. And then, our youngest, and largest, dog (Luna; who's ~75 lbs. and a Boxer mix) hit adolescence and suddenly didn't like her "big brother" (AKA the smallest dog, who's a dachshund/Jack Russell terrier mix and thinks he's the boss of *everything*; that's him in my icon) telling her what to do... and demonstrated it by shaking him like a rag doll any time they're together. So, obviously, we can't *let* them be together. So at night, Gavroche (the small one) goes to bed with me, and Luna has the run of the house while he sleeps. So, we still occasionally need the food/water bowls in the bedroom, b/c we have Issues to Deal With.

Pets. Seriously. It's a good thing they're so adorable ;-)

(And also: we use Brita water in the pets' large bowl in the kitchen simply b/c the bowl doesn't get as slick/slimy/gross when using the Brita water. But all the other water containers get plain tap water. I think that, since the kitchen one is the largest, it just builds up the "gunk" in it more easily than the others, b/c they just don't get nearly as bad, somehow :-P )

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Is it a plastic dog bowl? Noelle refuses to eat or drink anything out of plastic.

Noelle likes fresh water, but she also enjoys sticking her paw into the small fish tank I have, and licking that water off her paws. I have to tape the lid down, or else she will pull it off and play and splash the water around. Does she bother the fish? No. The fish is safe. She just wants his water.
I occasionally give one of my cats canned food to give her extra liquids because she can get constipated. The last time I did that she decided she didn't want anymore of her hard food so I have to feed her canned food. But she is very picky about which can food she'll eat. Now she has started to eat more hard food recently. So I put down two bowls for her, one hard food and one canned food. However if she wants to eat hard food she'll eat it out of the other cat's bowl.

Now the other cat is obsessed with me pouring water into his water bowl. I pour out water from a 16 oz bottle and he'll start bumping it with his head as I am pouring. Then when I start to lift up the bottle he comes up and tries to grab it with his front paws. He has pretty strong paws.
Are you sure he's not drinking more water than is normal? I know cats can be weird about preferences (I had one that only wanted running water out of the faucet) but if he is drinking more water than usual, I'd rule out diabetes or kidney issues...

Your story actually made me laugh out loud (which, of course, the cat finds disturbing).