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1. So, [personal profile] slhuang, who I would like to state for the record is a bad influence, talked me into doing Camp Nano. (By "talked me into", I suppose it was more like "invited me to join her cabin" and I said sure. XD So, yeah, much arm-twisting was required.) The only problem is, I don't have the first clue what project to work on. I feel like any of my bigger projects need more prep time than I have. I suppose my options are:

- Work on multiple smaller projects, all counting toward one "novel" for Nano purposes.
- Just pick something kinda short, and call that one my Nano project, but work on other things too.
- Pick one of the novels already. Outlining is for the weak!

2. The poll to pick April's theme is still running at collarcorner. Right now, AU and h/c are way ahead of the other options, and tied. If it's still a tie in the morning, I'll break it via random selection. If anyone has a specific preference between the two and wants to change their vote, go for it!

3. I was thinking about how differently the pace of posting works on LJ/DW versus Twitter and Tumblr. Not that I've been doing much on either of the latter two lately (though I really DO mean to start posting more Kismet stuff over on Tumblr) but I find myself thinking about timing of posting things over there, which I never really do on LJ/DW. That is, if I have an LJ post to make and it's 2 a.m., I'm just like, okay, gonna post it, people will find it. (I expect there is probably a little difference in exposure based on when you post, but it's not something I ever really think about. And half the time, I'm just posting for myself anyway.) Similarly, relinking to stuff I've already posted is not really a thing I do, though I notice it's something I'm increasingly seeing people do on LJ, which I suspect might be a carryover from Tumblr. (It actually is useful -- I've noticed the more I see people link to things, the more likely I am to overcome general inertia and check them out. Which I consistently ignore when it comes to my own projects like Kismet, because I'm pathologically worried about annoying people if I talk about them all the time. >_>)

Tumblr, though ... if you post at a "dead" time, it's quite likely only a few people will see it and then it'll get lost in the shuffle of incoming posts/reblogs, and vanish into Tumblr purgatory forever. Unfortunately, my primary goofing-off-online time -- late in the evening, Alaska time -- is one of the Tumblr dead times. But I find myself thinking a LOT about the timing of when to post stuff, and trying to calculate it for maximum exposure if I'm going to post a piece of fanart or whatever. It feels terribly mercenary and I'm not even sure it helps, but ... yeah. Do most people do that?

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I think about timing posting sometimes - I've found it's somewhat true for fic-posting as well, certain times are more likely to net you comments than other times (though with fic I don't know if it counts for comment-count overall, rather than just how much you get at first.)

On Tumblr, have you tried queuing stuff? You can set a queue to post at a particular time, so you could set up posts in your goofing-off time but still get good exposure.
Yeah, I think it's also come up for me in really busy fandoms - I remember that it was something I used to think about occasionally in SGA fandom, and also when I first got into Cap2 fandom, because AO3 was SO busy and the top results page moved so quickly. I think you're right that there isn't a whole lot of long-term effect with fic, though; people will find it regardless, especially if it's for a slightly less common pairing or genre.

Scheduled posting - yeah, I use that quite a bit, actually! In a way, though, it makes me feel even more disconnected from the social sphere of Tumblr, because it cuts me off from that little bit of interaction you do typically get when people like/reblog your stuff. But yes, it is useful and I do use it. :D
Do most people do that?

It's something I've been taking into more consideration, lately. I used to post whenever I had something to post, only to see it get lost in the crowd. Around late evening is when things tend to pick up for me, so I'll usually try to post before then when things are... not dead, but fairly slow. Then again, slow time for me could be fast time for someone else, so I can't say for sure if this actually accomplishes anything :/
Yeah; this is a good point too, because the high-traffic times have more people watching, but it's also easier to get lost in the shuffle.
I did, when I was in a busy fandom and I cared if what I had written got read. I don't mean that to sound rude, it's just being in a very, very small fandom kind of ensures the specific people I write for will probably read it and as for the others...I don't much care one way or the other. In some ways I envy people in love with a larger, busy fandom -- it's so exciting! But I don't have much time and the pace of WC suits me well.
Yeah, no, I know exactly what you mean. :D In Avengers/Cap2 fandom, I used to gauge my fic posting for maximum exposure, since the AO3 listings moved SO quickly that it was very easy to get lost in the shuffle. Now that I'm writing for Agent Carter, I don't even think about it; there's so little new fic that any fic which turns up will find its audience.
Agent Carter isn't popular? I thought it would be. I confess, I haven't watched a bit of it, but I've been trolling around looking for a tv show to hook me. I so miss being in an exciting fast-paced fandom.
It's not at all! It's not Yuletide tiny, but it's very small. I was kind of surprised by that myself; I would've thought it would be bigger, due to being hooked into the Avengers franchise.

Right now I'm finding it refreshingly laid back after being in one of the biggest and fastest-moving areas of MCU fandom (the Steve/Bucky side of things) for much of the last year. I do really miss having fresh, new, high-quality fic with my favorite characters/pairings showing up all the time, though.
#1 - Hee, you're doing Camp NaNo too! \o/

I settled on a project a while ago, but now I'm second-guessing myself and thinking about switching projects because I'm no longer confident I can pull it off, except I'm not sure what to pick instead. *flails*

#3 - The way I understand it, Tumblr moves so fast no one even bothers to try and read everything posted by the people they follow, whereas on LJ/DW many do read their whole flist, going back to where they stopped reading and everything. People generally don't post more than one post a day on LJ/DW, which makes the whole thing a lot more manageable! But with the flood of posts on Tumblr, if you're not around when it's posted it's quite likely you'll never see it at all. So a lot of people seem to reblog their own stuff if they want to make sure it's seen ... (Just for the record, I hate the posting frequency on Tumblr, and it's one of reasons I avoid it.)
HELLO FELLOW CAMPER. :D (Right??? I think I'm having a bad case of "too much to write, and none of it is properly developed" - I should just pick a thing and go with it, but tooo maaaany ideaaaaas. *whines*)

And yeah, on LJ I think people generally read their whole flist (I know I do), as well as going back and catching up with specific people's journals if they have to miss a week or so. And I DO miss things anyway, or get busy and don't reply to all the posts I meant to comment on, or open links I wanted to click on. But with Tumblr, I just have no desire at all to catch up completely; I don't feel like the stuff I missed really matters, in the same way that I want to know what my LJ/DW friends are getting up to and talking about. (Not to say there aren't people on Tumblr I like or want to keep up with, but reading someone's last 20 fannish reblogs is just kind of pointless compared to reading someone's post about their life, you know?)
My main writing problem at the moment is not being able to finish anything, and I'd picked my original project because it was something I was reasonably confident I could finish within the month. (I really need some kind of success soon - it's getting a bit depressing.) Except now of course I'm doubting myself again, and I don't really have another project I'm reasonably confident about right now, and ... just, gah!

I hope you have better luck picking something!
Heeeee! :D (For Camp Nano I'm going to be doing original fic. But I have no doubt I will squeeze quite a bit of Agent Carter fic around the edges. For one thing, I've only got 'til the end of May to finish blacking out my h/c bingo card ...)
Yay, someone else doing Camp! *g* I've decided just to work on a bunch of different projects-- that's what I've been doing the last couple of months, and it seems to do better for me than sticking to one project. If I can't find anything to say on one project I can usually find words somewhere else.
That might be what I end up going with! I'd like to work on a single long project, but multiple short projects is mostly what I've been doing lately, and I don't have anything even close to outlined/plotted or ready to go.
Yay another camper. I just picked a WIP that I need to finish and I'm running with it. Oh right that starts tomorrow. Oops
Hello, fellow camper! Yeah, I STILL don't know what I'm gonna write. Better pick something ...
*streaks through leaving streams of bad influence in my wake*

wheeeeeeee :D
... did you just streak my journal? XD

I still don't know what I'm writing, aaauugh.

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1 - Yay! I will probably do the multiple projects thing (I'm doing Camp too C:). As long as you write, really, it's all okay.

2 - I will go check it out and leave prompts! :D

3 - I think of this on LJ too, because I'm awake when everyone in the US is asleep. I usually post fic at night, sleep on it, and wake up to comments. I have no experience in big fandoms, lol. I'd probably lose my shit if I ever joined one :P
Thank you! :D Yeah, I think I'm going to do the "multiple smaller projects" thing; I just can't commit. (At least today I made some progress on figuring out what I want to write about, and how it's going to go!)