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Another l'il Peggy Carter fic

So I wrote something for [community profile] fan_flashworks' "Chemistry" challenge. According to the community rules, it can only be posted there until the end of the challenge period.

The Mother of Invention - Agent Carter, Peggy & Howard, gen, 1300 wds. It's wartime in Britain, and Howard Stark is attempting to bake a better cake.

(Technically this takes place during the first Captain America movie, so it contains no spoilers for the show, but I think of it more as an Agent Carter fic since it draws on characterization from the TV show.)

"Howard," Peggy said, "please do not poison anyone. Least of all yourself. If nothing else, think of the loss to the war effort."

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Oh, man, this is hilarious! Since I am sleep deprived at the moment, I relate very strongly. And Howard Stark baking toxic cakes in the middle of the night is so perfectly him. I love it :D