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Agent Carter fanfic: Black Water Rising

I finished a thing! \o/

Title: Black Water Rising
Fandom: Agent Carter (MCU)
Pairing: gen
Word Count: 29,000
Summary: An apparently abandoned Hydra facility turns into a deathtrap for Peggy and the SSR team. Takes place post-finale; therefore spoilery.
Crossposted: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3588402
Notes: Thanks to leesa_perrie for beta/Britpicking, and frith_in_thorns for answering questions about British terminology!

This is only posted on AO3 and DW because it's too long for an LJ post, but feel free to comment wherever you like.
Your comment was absolutely wonderful, and most appreciated! (I haven't gotten around to answering comments yet, obviously, but it delighted me, as did your rec also!) I felt a little shy about posting the fic in the comm since it's not technically shippy, but a couple of people did express interest over there when I mentioned the story, so if you think there's enough Peggy/Daniel-ishness for it to appeal, I'll go for it. :D
I'm not sure how well you'll take this as an "accomplishment", but... this is the first really Marvel-based fic of any length I've read (other than a *very* short cross-over where Neal forges Steve's autograph!), and it's only b/c it's *you*, and I know how well you see Peggy and everyone. (And that's not anything anti-Marvel, by any means, but I just can only handle so many fandoms in fanfic, and at least Marvel does a pretty good job keeping me supplied w/out it, in general ;-))

And this is just brilliantly, wonderfully done! I loved your use of her Britishness, too -- so many bits'n'pieces I could see were very *her*, in terminology, etc., and that was just so "spot on" ;-)

Seriously, wonderfully well done. I loved every single thing about this, and that's saying a lot. Good on you!! ;-)
Oh, I think that is an excellent accomplishment! Thank you very much! :) I completely understand; some fandoms are reading/writing fandoms for me, and some just aren't, even though I still like the canon. (Marvel wasn't, actually, until last year -- I'd been enjoying the movies since the first Iron Man came out, but I never got into it fanfic-wise 'til Captain America 2.)

Anyway, I'm completely thrilled you liked this; thank you so much! ♥
Glad to make you a bit happy, then! ;-) And yes, I've sort of always been that way, too, with fandoms. For a while there, I had every Star Trek: The Original Series novel that existed (or at least, that I knew existed, way back in pre-internet days ;-)), but I never actually "allowed" myself to read much/any of the other ST shows' books, b/c I really didn't have time for another one! LOL!! And that's sorta the way I am w/fanfic -- I got into HP fanfic when I was 1st reading the books, b/c I just couldn't imagine *not* reading more (that was way back in the "gap years" between books 4 and 5), and by the time I watched WC, I *knew* there was fanfic (knew people who wrote in it, too), so it didn't take me long to go looking for it. I had to be careful at first,though, about what I read, b/c I wasn't caught up with the episodes, but I was totally sucked in right away.

And I love Marvel and shows like Arrow and The Flash, too, but I just haven't really had the time or interest to get into the fanfic of those, either. But I know your writing and how "well" you see Agent Carter, so I had to give it a try, and I'm glad I did. I'll be sure to read whatever else you come up with for this! And I *totally* understand being sucked in by Captain America 2! I first saw it with my oldest niece, who hadn't been watching SHIELD, and one of my best friends -- who's as crazy about Marvel as I am, and had been watching SHIELD, at least -- couldn't see it for about a week after it came out, so after I saw it, and realized what the previews for SHIELD had been hinting at, I was about to bust at the seams for not having anyone to SQUEE over it with who knew what was going on! LOL!! I "made" my husband go w/me (again) to see it before that next Tues, so that, once we watched SHIELD (he'd been about 1/2-way watching it at that point), he'd know what was happening.

Yeah. Fandom makes for crazy, sometimes ;-)
Was a pleasure to Britprick/beta for you - made a nice change from me asking you to beta/Americanpick for me!! And a what wonderful fic too!! :D