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Fannish miscellany

I watched the first two (and a half) episodes of Agent Carter with ellenmillion today, and this time around, I couldn't help noticing how much the show's overall vibe reminds me of Fringe. If you liked Fringe, you might like this one, maybe?

Some misc. fandom links I've had piling up:

1. collarcorner (White Collar gen promptfic comm) hasn't had a new round since last year, and after someone expressed interest in keeping it going, I put up a poll and discussion about whether there is enough interest for another round, and if so, how we should do it. (Second discussion post here.) Feel free to weigh in, if White Collar is something you're still interested in!

2. On the topic of White Collar, awhile back, [personal profile] aqwt101 made a series of posts based on conversations with a psychologist friend about the WC characters. Her journal is mostly locked, but I asked if she minded unlocking them so I could link to them, and she said it was fine, so they are here: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3. (ETA: Missed Part 3 the first time; added it now!)

3. Meanwhile in other fandoms, peggysous is a new discussion comm on LJ for the Peggy/Sousa pairing from Agent Carter. It's mostly aimed at fic writers who want to discuss canon details about the pairing, but it's open to anybody, and while I'm not super shippy about them (at least, not exclusively shippy about them), I do love overthinking canon details. :D

4. I can't believe I'm considering this -- it's been several years since I did anything of this sort -- but I am thinking about running an Agent Carter fanworks exchange. There doesn't seem to be one yet! Thoughts?

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I am DOWN for an Agent Carter fic exchange, as long as it happens far away enough from any major exams :D

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Wheeee! If I do this, I will definitely ask for input on when the best times would be. :D
Thanks for the links to aqw's posts! (Apparently me and the psychologist agree on a lot of things... grrr, I want to punch Eastin. *Sigh.)
I also missed Part 3 the first time around, so there is another one linked above.
Thank you for linking to my posts! (btw, there was a 3rd part in the psychologist posts here.)
Ah, thanks - I thought there was a part three, but for some reason I skimmed right over it when I was putting this post together. Added the link!
Not sure if I'd participate in the Agent Carter comm myself (other than maybe artwork), but I think you should totally go for it! It sounds like a good idea to me! :D
Thank you! :D I'm not sure what I'd do exactly - it would be nice to have it open to makers of all types of fanworks, not just artists, though that also raises the complexity of organizing it, somewhat.
I was expecting it to be fanfic orientated, especially being an exchange, though you did say fanworks which suggests it might be open to other types. But only if that doesn't turn it into an organisational nightmare for you! Especially if you're having to pair gen person to gen person, slash person to slash person etc as well.
Thanks for the aqwt's posts. The analysis was excellent.