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Agent Carter icons

... so I went to make myself another Agent Carter icon or two last night, and ended up with ... a lot more than one or two. Oops.

(Also, man, the show's general darkness/murkiness wasn't something that I particularly noticed until I started brightening screencaps for icons. Then, all of a sudden, this whole brilliant palette of 1940s comics colors emerged. Why did they cover it up with such dim lighting?)

Anyway, feel free to take any of these that you like. Credit is very much appreciated. Textless icons can be used as bases. Icons come from all 8 episodes, so there are some spoilers.













Jarvis and Howard:


Peggy with Angie:


Peggy with Dottie:


Peggy with Jarvis:


Sousa with Thompson:


Peggy with others:


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Those are great!! And yeah, I didn't notice the colors thing, either, till you mentioned it! o.O
Thank you! :D Yeah, I didn't really notice it 'til I started brightening screencaps, and all these gorgeous colors emerged; so many of them had pretty background colors behind the actors that I hadn't even noticed! I'm not sure if they originally envisioned the show as brighter/more comic-booky and then went for more of a noir effect, or if the lighting covering up the colors was an accident, but I do like the brilliance you get when you crank the contrast on some of these. :D
They really do look even better now that you've worked on them. I remember there being colors, but they weren't that rich, by any means. I'll have to play with the colors on our TV next time I watch it. I often end up choosing between color options on our TV anyway, b/c some movies/shows appear so dark on there, unless I change the settings :-P (I like our TV fine; things are just weird sometimes.)
These are very nice. Yeah I wonder why they make A LOT of shows dark.

I do like Sousa and Jarvis (about the two men I like. I really like the women)
Thank you! Yeah -- I guess it's for the mood lighting, but it would be nice to be able to see what's going on!
OMG it's like BOOM here have colours bask in them darling. I seriously love that close up of Dottie with the rifle, #4, SO BEAUTIFUL. And DOTTIE KISSING PEGGY (i'm so afraid i'm going to spell it dotty kissing peggie now) especially #4 but LBR both are LOVELY. The Peggy and Angie icons are so cute! (there! again! almost spelt it peggie and angy WHAT IS WITH THIS SHOW AND GIRLS' NAMES???) And now I'm just going to go ahead and say THEY'RE ALL GORGEOUS before I have an actual spelling fail. But they are!!!

And the peggy close ups. THE PEGGY CLOSE UPS HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM OMG. (couldn't not say this)

(and btw I suck for not replying to your other Agent Carter post because I LOVED IT so I'm gonna go fix that.)

And because I'm an idiot i'm going to edit to say that I'm snagging some with credit THANK YOU!!!

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Thank you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥ (Sorry for the slow reply - have been traveling!) Ahhhh, this show; I could just bask in their faces forever. Wheeeee!
Oh wow, lovely icons! Too many to choose favourites, I like them all! :D

I'm taking Peggy #10 with the shield, if I can find room for it *kicks icon space restriction*
Thank you - so glad you like! Heh, yeah, I have been reduced to deleting icons to add new ones for some time now. I wish I hadn't let my paid time lapse a little while back; I lost a bunch of add-on slots that way!
Ah! Too many choices! I will have to come back later!

Very interesting about the colors.
Thank you! :) Yeah, I remember someone mentioning the show was murky and not really knowing what they meant ... until I started messing with the colors in Photoshop.