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I'm going to need more icons for this show, aren't I

Following a conversation with [personal profile] slhuang about the general difficulty of telling apart the mostly-indistinguishable male SSR agents on Agent Carter in the first few episodes, I ended up making a field guide to Peggy's male coworkers and posting it on Tumblr:


Dunno how useful it'll be, but hopefully a couple people will find it so! :)

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That's a useful guide, with very helpful commentary (I especially like the last two's descriptions)! :)
Aaaaaaa this is SO GREAT! And with PICTURES!! Thank you so much!!! :D :D :D

Okay, now I HAVE to rewatch, so I can keep referring this handy guide. :D And yeah, it's sooooo incredibly less overwhelming to realize there are that few of them.

You know, I did not realize until this moment that I think I might've been leaning on the vest for Sousa when he's sitting down (despite knowing the actor from Dollhouse already -- I love that actor so so so so much). Wow, I should have paid more attention to the clothing; the costume department actually did a really good job differentiating them for being so constrained by the setting!
Thank you! I had a lot of fun making this (oh no, I had to go take screencaps and rewatch a bunch of scenes, SO TERRIBLE) ... and I noticed things I hadn't (consciously) noticed when I was watching before. The costume department does do a pretty respectable job of distinguishing between the characters in fairly consistent ways, which I hadn't noticed at all the first time around.

I've never seen Sousa's actor in anything else -- I didn't watch Dollhouse -- but omg, I love him awfully much as Sousa. Sousa is cute like a box of puppies. I truly appreciate that the show didn't end up putting him and Peggy together so quickly (I'd be totally on board with it if it happens later, but right now it's too soon, and I like that it's about HER progress and HER healing, not about having her "awarded" to Sousa) -- but I still feel like SOMEONE needs to take Sousa home and wrap him in blankets or something, because he's such a l'il darling.

Would love to hear your thoughts if you do rewatch! :)
Oh, Dollhouse is a terrible show and I wouldn't recommend it, but Enver Gjokaj is pretty much the one piece of that show that was utterly awesome. I tried to find a "best of Enver Gjokaj on Dollhouse" video for you but YOUTUBE FAILED ME. I'm very surprised it doesn't exist because he was freakin' amazing. If you don't mind mild spoilers --
(begin spoilers)
You're probably familiar with the premise of the show -- that it's about "dolls" who get various personalities downloaded into them. Enver Gjokaj is pretty much the one person on the whole show who was a good enough actor to handle this, and he was incredible. He played everything from a Russian mobster to one of the other characters on the show (the character downloaded himself into one of the dolls and it was one of the most bizarrely incredible performances ever). There's a list of all the "personalities" he plays here: http://dollhouse.wikia.com/wiki/Victor if you scroll down to the table. The reason this is all a minor spoiler is when you first meet him you don't realize he's one of the dolls -- you just think he's a Russian mobster.
(end spoilers)
Ahhhhh, thank you! :) Yeah, the odds of me watching Dollhouse ever are ... not good, so I appreciate the overview! I kinda vaguely knew he'd been on it as one of the dolls, but that's all I knew. Also, what a neat way to introduce a character on a show with a premise like that ...!

I really wish that Dollhouse had been, well, better -- I got completely skeeved by the promos/general stuff I heard about the series after it started, so I didn't watch, but I absolutely love mindfuck stuff that plays with unreliable narrators, unreliable memory and stuff like that, and it could've been so neat if it, well, wasn't what it was.

I watched an interview with Gjokaj about Agent Carter and was a bit startled that he's completely different in person -- his mannerisms and everything are not really Sousa-like at all! I can see how he'd be one of those incredibly chameleonic actors who disappears into a role (even though this is all I've seen him in so far).

... uggghhhh, I think one of the worst things about contemplating the possibility of the show not being renewed is NO MORE SOUSA EVER. Not that I'm happy about losing ANY of them, but at least Peggy, and probably Jarvis, are closely connected enough to characters who are a major part of the MCU that we'll probably see them around in other things. But this 8 episodes might be all we ever get of Sousa (also Angie and the rest of the not-so-major characters) and, augh. Do not want!
Yeah, Dollhouse was such a good idea that just . . . was not well done. :( Sadly.

Now I want to go watch an interview with him. Reminds me of watching an interview with Felix's actor from Orphan Black -- so entirely different from the character! I love stuff like that.