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Long screencap-laden Agent Carter squee post

I am crushing so hard on the Agent Carter show right now, you guys. I think it helps a lot that it's only a self-contained 8 episodes, so there's a complete story arc and I can kind of just tuck it into my brain and give it some happy space there. I really hope there's a season two, but at the same time I almost feel like a season two would be a mixed blessing, because it gave me so much of I wanted already, and I would hate another season to leave it in a much worse place. (But I could have another season of their FACES! I am torn.) Let's face it, I will be sad if it's cancelled, but I'm also very happy with the 8 episodes we got.

I've been thinking about the aspects of the show that appeal to me, and while there are many reasons why I like it so much, I think part of it is that ... let me see, there is literally NO way to phrase this without sounding (for me) uncomfortably buzzwordy, but it's woman-centric and non-male-gazey not just in a way that most superhero stuff isn't, but even most genre shows starring female characters aren't. I think the big thing I kept feeling watching the show is This show feels like it's written FOR ME. I feel like I, me, my demographic is the target audience of this -- and I don't mean just "women generally" but "women like me"; this show appeals to me in a way that, say, Sex in the City type shows which are also aimed at a female demographic simply don't. I feel like I can relate to women like Peggy and Angie in a way I can't to women in most sci-fi stuff -- I love the female geniuses and leather-clad action heroes with impeccable makeup and so forth, but I don't really feel like "hey, that's me!" And while I don't have any particular problem empathizing with characters who are not like me, I can't remember the last time I've identified with a woman in sci-fi media as hard as I do with Peggy. I love many, many fictional characters, but there is a sort of coming-home comfort to this show (in spite of all the terrible stuff that happens on it) that just makes me feel like this is a sci-fi action show where PEOPLE LIKE ME are welcome and wanted.

That's not even a feeling I go around craving in particular. I literally don't care about that stuff most of the time! I just like what I like, and since I'm a female fan of sci-fi and superhero stuff, a ton of what I like is technically aimed at boys. But in all my many years of loving superheroes, and particularly throughout however many movies and shows I've enjoyed in the MCU, this is the first time I've really felt like somebody made a superhero thing FOR ME, and I had no idea how good that feeling is.

This obviously is not the only reason I like the show or even the main reason(s). It's more like something that snuck up on me and became a substrate underlying everything else I like about the show, if that makes any sense.

(Click screencaps for bigger versions, by the way.)

Ever since the finale, I've been meaning to make a long post about the show with All My Thoughts, but I don't even know where to BEGIN! I start thinking about general things I want to talk about, and little specific things I want to point out, and just bog down because there is SO MUCH I love about this show. I love every single character on it, even the awful ones. I love how thoroughly Peggy-focused it is; everything from the character relationships to the plots pivots around Peggy as its fulcrum (which is something that even a lot of female-focused genre shows often lose sight of). But I also love the mini-arcs that most of the other characters get: Sousa going from the lonely, isolated bottom guy in the office hierarchy to a valued member of the team; Thompson's one-step-forward, two-steps-back waltz with redemption and shades of gray; Jarvis going from butler to (occasional) action hero. I love that the MCU finally gave us a female villain, and she is GREAT: cold as ice, chameleonic, reveling in pain and destruction.

Also - you know how I complained about 1x07 squandering the potential of a mind-controlling villain? 1x08 turned that right around; it was straight out of the [personal profile] sholio's id Playbook of Mind-Control Tropes. :D (That scene with Sousa and Thompson, omfg.)

1x08 Sousa
Sousa, you amazing troll.

I admit that I've sort of latched onto the Peggy-Sousa-Thompson triad as the platonic (or otherwise) OT3 of my heart, which is not to say I don't have an immense and overwhelming fondness for all the other character relationships on the show. I adore the way that Howard and Peggy, and Peggy and Jarvis, are explicitly set up as platonic and then played out bromance-style. I love Peggy's tentative reaching out to Angie, and the way that Angie gets her, and what she's going through, in a way that none of the guys do, even though Angie doesn't know any of the details of her day-to-day life. (The "I'd like to tell you about my day" scene in the diner in 1x03 is still one of my favorites in the whole series.)

And the whole idea of Peggy and Angie doing normal-person things, when Peggy's never really had a female friend to do normal-girl things with before, is so completely the wish-fulfillment plot of my heart. Well, that or scads of h/c with Peggy and Sousa and Thompson.


... or the actual canon h/c; that's also good.

Just ... ALL THESE RELATIONSHIPS. All these characters. I'm so fantastically multishippy/multi-friendshippy about this show. I could go for buddyfic with just about ANY combination of these people, and I think there's about a half-dozen ships I'm semi-into. (To the extent that I really ship at all, which I don't, much. I kinda just want ALL THE TEAMY GEN/BUDDYFIC/ETC.)

And yeahhhhh, Thompson is my current character I know I shouldn't like but can't help myself. I was kind of relieved to find out he isn't as universally hated in the fandom as I was expecting ... I say kind of relieved because there's a predictable fannish minority for whom he can do no wrong even though HE DOES WRONG ALL THE TIME, OMFG DO YOU EVEN WATCH THE SHOW. I've run across multiple posts on Tumblr claiming that Thompson taking credit for Peggy's heroism at the end of 1x08 is something that he's doing for her, because the world's not ready for her yet. To which I can only say, get off my side, because you are SO WRONG, random tumblr person. He takes credit for her work because he is a jerkass. But he's a jerkass I really fucking like. /o\ I'm just trying to stay clearheaded about what he actually is, and what he does, which is a lot of really awful shit.

I've probably spent more time thinking analytically about Thompson than most of the others due to trying to figure out how to write him, and the way Peggy and Sousa relate to him in the wake of 1x08, in a way that's in-character and fair to everyone. (Yes, I'm writing fanfic. I've currently got 3 different fics in various stages of development; the only reason why I haven't posted anything yet is because nothing is short!) There's an interview with Chad Michael Murray on Youtube which ... okay, some of it is "please stop answering questions about your character now and let me go on imagining that you ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT KIND OF PERSON YOU'RE PLAYING" -- but there's one bit where he talks about how Thompson is a social climber; he's focused on getting ahead, and he adapts himself to be the kind of person he needs to be in order to appeal to the people above him ... and that kinda made me have a "click!" moment, both for writing him and in terms of understanding his canonical behavior. He is the kind of person who's decided he's going to Be A Winner, circa 1945, so that's who he becomes. It's interesting to watch him interact with the Chief in the first couple of episodes because he keeps looking to Dooley for cues on what to do and how to behave (like with the glasses of booze in 1x02 -- he starts to sip his, and then puts it down when Dooley puts his down). And it's also interesting to notice how often Dooley reins him in or dials him back from his more excessive behavior, although as the show goes on and he gets more centered in his skin and more comfortable with Peggy and Sousa, he needs it less.

... This is actually one of the things I'm trying to figure out regarding post-show fics. Thompson has cast himself as, basically, Dooley's attack dog. He's the thug-on-a-leash that Dooley lets go on suspects. But he's more than that -- he's also smart, a good investigator, and he's capable of being fair (giving Sousa due credit for finding the witness in 1x04, for example). The idea of Thompson at his worst in charge of the SSR, without Dooley to knock him down, is potentially terrifying; he could become the bully to end all bullies. Or perhaps not, because he's mellowed somewhat by 1x08, and he does have a conscience (it's just that it tends to kick in after the fact, which helps absolutely no one). So, yeah ... I think I've generally been tending to go for the more optimistic view: that he can figure out where he's gone wrong, he can change, and he is capable of having a warm enough relationship with Peggy and Sousa that they'll help him keep from going wrong, too. That said, it's also a possibility that he might end up giving in to his bully/follow-the-crowd/social-climber side to the point where he becomes a person Peggy has to take down. He's still got both sides to him, the potential hero and the potential bully/thug/petty villain. I completely get why people don't like him. I just find him fascinating in all his flawed mess.

At one point I went through just to rewatch all the Sousa & Thompson scenes, because second to Peggy's growth and development, I love the way they grow and develop throughout the season: from Thompson shutting Sousa out and belittling him in the early episodes; to inviting him along for drinks in 1x05 (I was too distracted by Peggy's face in that scene to notice until I'd rewatched it multiple times that Sousa's expression is almost as startled as Peggy's is at her invitation - in one fait accompli, Thompson invited both of the office pariahs into the inner circle); to the friendly/playful way Thompson relates to him in the last couple of episodes.


If I had been making predictions for this show back in the first couple of episodes, "Sousa and Thompson are going to be fucking cute by 1x08" would really, really not have been on the list. (Nor, for that matter, that I'd have stopped wanting to push Thompson down a handy elevator shaft.)

Actually, Sousa ... okay, I just have to talk about Sousa for a minute, because another of the things I adore about the show is the way that his arc pans out. He's so shockingly alone in the first episode. Nobody in the office is close to him; Peggy's probably about the closest thing he has to a friend there, but she's angry and grieving and very determinedly holding everyone at arm's length. (That little story he tells Peggy in the file storage room to cheer her up is about a million shades of JUST CARVE MY HEART OUT WITH A RUSTY SPOON .... I mean, let's start with the fact that the most cheerful thing he can come up with to make her smile is A STORY ABOUT HOW HE LOST HIS LEG, and move on to how apparently the only person in the world who cares if he lives or dies is his dad, and then let's think about how everyone he works with mocks and belittles him, and then let's all go drown in a pool of tears.)

It's like kicking a puppy, Marvel. I hope you're ashamed of yourselves.

But! He doesn't let that stop him! The central arc of the show is Peggy's trajectory from isolated and angry and alone, to the happy, centered, valued person at the center of a network of relationships that she is at the end of the series. But Sousa gets a kind of mini version of this. He just keeps getting up every time he's knocked down, and going out there and being twice as smart and badass as the rest of them, and by the end he's a valued member of the team and he's action-heroing all over the place. (Adding another check mark to the long, long tally of things I like about this show ... I have a lifelong physical mobility-impairment/chronic pain disability involving my legs, and therefore I latch onto characters who have things wrong with their legs, and seeing Sousa out in the field, arresting people and fighting Black Widows and solving crimes with only one leg just makes me SO HAPPY. He won a fight against Dottie AND he took down the other main bad guy all on his own!)

And Peggy is just amazing. Like I said, I can't remember the last time I found myself relating to a female character this hard. I wasn't expecting it. I liked her in the CA movie, but I didn't feel this way about her! She has such a wonderful journey, though, the kind that female characters very rarely get to have. She starts out isolated, miserable, and angry, mired in grief, seething at the sexist pigheads around her, trapped and stuck and desperately, desperately unhappy. And then, over the course of the show, she works through it -- she makes friends, she saves a friend, she ends up getting accolades and realizes that she doesn't need them, because what really matters is that SHE knows she's worth it.


I want to say she's flawless, but of course she's the exact opposite: she isn't flawless at all, which is what makes her flawless. She's depressed and angry, violent and stubborn, isolated and lonely and filled with grief and rage. She misses her mark, she jumps to the wrong conclusions, she makes mistakes, she gets hurt.

But she's also brave, generous, kind, compassionate, idealistic, intelligent, and basically a hero in every way.

AND SHE'S NOW LIVING IN AN AWESOME MANSION WITH ANGIE, which is the fanficciest setup to ever fanfic.

And, as sweet and darling as Sousa is and would be to her, I actually really like that the show didn't end with her falling into a relationship with him. They could, in the future, and I'd be totally on board if the show wanted to go there, but right now this makes the whole entire show romance-free (aside from some background flirting/femme-fataling) and I just really liked that too, because A WHOLE SHOW ABOUT A FEMALE PROTAGONIST WITHOUT A SINGLE ROMANCE IN IT, HOW IS THIS EVEN A THING. It's lovely that Daniel is into her, but she doesn't owe him romantic feelings in return, and the show doesn't require her to.

And I think her little smile at the end there, after Daniel asks her out and she turns him down, is probably the first time she's thought about having a relationship with anybody since Steve died. It's the first time she's been in a healthy enough place to consider it. And it's just this lovely little "oh! wow! I've still got it!" moment.

This cute guy thinks I'm hot; EEEEEEE!

But it's enough just to know that. She's still feeling out her way post-Steve and post-SSR. She isn't quite ready to jump into a relationship yet. And that's all right. She's good just the way she is.

♥ ♥ PEGGY ♥ ♥

I know the show isn't perfect. As people have legitimately pointed out, it's kind of terrible on race. And the plot is, if not a mess, then certainly a muddle. (Though, at the same time, I'm kind of impressed at how MUCH they managed to pack into just 8 episodes. Going back and getting clips for the vid, I kept having trouble finding some scenes because I thought they must be in later episodes instead of being in the first few; it seemed like so much elapsed in any given episode.) But, oh -- it surprised me constantly, it hit so many of my favorite tropes and character relationship types, it had wonderful banter and humor, it is beautifully stylish in a 1940s kind of way, and I still keep stumbling across new details that I missed when I watched it all the first time. If there is another season, I'm SO TOTALLY THERE, but if not, I think I will probably treasure this show always.

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I enjoyed the short series. I liked how driven and aloof she seemed in the earlier episode, she mellowed down as she was gradually accepted. Her relationship with Jarvis - his apparent betrayal hurt her tremendously but they became close at the end of the ark. I liked the villain Fenoff who did not look menacing at all but could reek havoc with his mind control trick. Liked the little back story each villain had whether it is dottie or fenoff.
Yes, I love how she starts off so cool and damaged, afraid to get close to anyone, and then warms up as she starts to make friends! And yeah, the villains were great. Everybody was great. I really had a lot of fun with this. :D
Excellent look at the show, and yes, Peggy is awesome!! :D And lol, yes, Thompson surprised me too! I'm not sure I wanted to throw him down an elevator shaft, but I certainly didn't like him at the start - but now, well, he's not so bad. Most of the time. Well, some of the time! :D :D

I hope there is more and that they can keep the level of characterisation going, but if this is all there is, then it was wonderful (if not perfect) and a lot of fun and I very much enjoyed it!!

Now, off to watch more Agents of SHIELD...
I gotta say Thompson was the biggest surprise of the whole show for me - I rarely do a complete 180 on a character like that, but I love it when it happens. (And yeah, he's still got a looong way to go at the end, and I don't know, if they get another season, if the show actually does intend to have him keep mellowing or not, especially with the - admittedly 100% in character - reversal at the end. But I really liked what they did with him.)

I had SO much fun with this. :) I would love another season, but if we never get more, I'm also veyr happy with the place they left it.

Have fun with Agents of SHIELD! :D Let us know how it goes.
Yes! I am SO buying this when it comes out (and hoping for a ton of extras, deleted scenes and so forth).

And yeah - mirroring, that is the exact word for what he does! It's really noticeable at the end with the Senator, too. The thing is, I COMPLETELY understand why people don't like him. I am vaguely baffled that I like him as much as I do. To each their own and all of that, I guess ...

Re: Sousa and the Nice Guy (TM) thing - yeah, I think fandom, especially parts of Tumblr fandom, are being really unfair to him on that (and I've seen quite a bit of it regarding 1x08, too, which is even more DNW for me). It's not that he doesn't have moments when he's less than fair to Peggy, or that there aren't some Madonna/Whore overtones to the way that he reacts in 1x06 (though I agree that Agent CMM is even more so). But I feel like what people are missing is that the Nice Guy thing is a really specific kind of insincerity -- it's an attempt to use ingratiating niceness to undermine a woman's defenses; it's weaponized niceness -- and Sousa, in general, doesn't treat her that way at all. When Peggy smacks him down for white-knighting for her, he takes it gracefully and accepts that she can fight her own battles. When he asks her out and she turns him down, he doesn't whine or complain or guilt her about it; he just accepts it politely because it's her decision, not act like she owes him anything for being her friend and supporter. That's not being a Nice Guy; that's just being a .... nice guy.

And I LOVE that Howard doesn't treat Peggy that way because he feels he owes it to Steve: he probably made a pass at her way back in the day, and ever since then, they've been friends. Steve is one of the things they have in common, but he's not the whole reason, which I like.

Yes! They've very much got their own friendship apart from how they felt about Steve. And especially given that Howard is presented as an across-the-board womanizer much like early-days Tony, I particularly appreciate that he calls her "pal" and relates to her in a one-friend-to-another kind of way. Howard can be a total douche sometimes, but I still really like him, and I love that it's their connection, on a completely platonic level, that brings him out of Fenhoff's mind control at the end.

Ahhhh, this show. :D And yeah, I worry that if it DOES come back, they'll mess it up somehow, because it's such a wonderful, perfect little package just like it is. Not that I would complain if we get another season(s), obviously! But I'm so very happy with what they've given us already.
Yes, so much all of this! I just love Peggy so much. I also feel like this show was made for me. I was a bit disappointed by the ending but still left feeling wonderful and excited. I think even the male characters are more what I want from a show. Daniel is by far my favorite. I think part of it all is how developed each character is and how they grow throughout the episodes. It feels so real and awesome.
Yes! I love the amount of character growth everyone gets, and how even the initially unlikable characters turn out to have layers. Daniel is such an amazing sweetheart, and Peggy is just THE BEST. :)
I will try to carve out the time to respond to this wonderful (!!!) post soon, but I just wanted to chime in and say that YES EXACTLY. I'm exploding with love for Agent Carter because I identify with the women in it, and like you feel that for once the show is written for women like me. :D :D :D

*runs back to work*
Thank you! <3 I'd love to hear your further thoughts if you have time, because YAY SQUEEEEEE. :D :D :D
I love the show, but I especially love how you've articulated just what is so amazingly awesome about it. Like you said, nothing is "perfect", but that's part of what makes it so GOOD. None of the characters are just one-note caricatures; they're fully developed, and they have shades of good or bad in various measures. Just sooooo well done!!

And maybe someone can help me remember, b/c, even though I watched Cap 2 not too long ago, I'm still going blank on what it is that Peggy (in the museum's video about Cap and team) said about her husband...? He was rescued by Steve, I remember, but I can't remember the exact things she says... And I'm asking b/c I keep wondering if her future husband might've been Sousa or someone we've now "met" via this show, and they just haven't revealed that Steve was the one who saved him (or whoever it might be).

I'm just loving your posts about this, and all its multiple layers of depth and development. Like you, I do hope they do more, and I'll just have to have faith that, since they did so well this time, they won't mess it up if they keep going! ;-)
Thank you so much! <3 Ahhhh, yeah - I would SO love a season two; I hope they get the chance, and I hope they're able to pull it off a second time and not screw up what made the first season good. But if we never get more, I will be delighted with what we have, and all the marvelous and complex characters they gave us.

I went back and rewatched that scene to see what Peggy said. :D She says it was winter, and a blizzard had trapped half a battalion behind German lines. Steve fought his way through a Hydra blockade to save them. The group could easily have included Sousa; we still don't know much about the circumstances that led to him losing his leg. And if he was badly injured, he might not have known how his group got out, or maybe it was just so chaotic/classified that no one really knew much (otherwise it seems like it would've come up at some point when he was talking to Peggy ... though conversely, perhaps not, since he doesn't seem to talk about it much).

Sousa's probably the leading contender of the characters we've met so far - Thompson served in the Pacific, and of course Jarvis is married (plus, the idea of Peggy and Jarvis is JUST TOO BIZARRE). XD But they've been vague/general enough so far that it could easily be someone other than Sousa, too.
YES TO ALL OF THIS. I also can't decide if I want it to come back (YES YES YES) if the potential is that it will become less perfect or if I want it to just stay SO PERFECT.

(The only piece I can't +1 is the Thompson stuff, not cuz I dislike his character but because....and this amuses me....because of my faceblindness, I literally could not tell him apart from her other non-Sousa coworkers until he was the last one left. So in my viewing experience the SSR was Peggy + Sousa + N sexist white male coworkers who were all interchangeable, and I literally could not have told you which was which until after each one died and they said the names of the guys who died. So, like, the only thing I know for sure was Krezminski (sp?) was that he was the guy who went onto the boat with Sousa and then was shot, as that was his death scene, and the only thing I know for sure was Dooley (sp?) is what happened just before / during *his* death scene, too, and everything before that is a confusing mix of people who all look the same. Once Thompson was basically the only one left then I started to figure out who he was, but that was really only like....the last episode. :D Maybe I need to rewatch the series--oh no, that sounds like such a chore.... ;) )

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I also can't decide if I want it to come back (YES YES YES) if the potential is that it will become less perfect or if I want it to just stay SO PERFECT.

RIGHT??? I don't want them to fuck it up! On the other hand, another season of Peggy & co. would be SO GREAT.

Peggy + Sousa + N sexist white male coworkers who were all interchangeable

LOLOL. (I cannot argue with this assessment of the SSR. XD)

... but yeah, wow; it seems like this show would be a faceblindness nightmare - not only are most of the cast young(ish) white guys, but everyone is wearing period clothes and hairstyles, AND half the scenes take place at night or in dark, murky lighting! FWIW, I'm not faceblind that I know of (I think I have more trouble with it than the average person, but not at that level), but I don't think it was 'til somewhere around episode 6 or so that I could reliably recognize the supporting guys under different lighting conditions and so forth.

I think there's also not really that much incentive to tell them apart in the early episodes, because it isn't immediately evident that they actually are going to have different roles and personalities (which ended up being one of the things I really loved about the show - that it's more nuanced than "Peggy runs circles around her incompetent sexist co-workers" - but this is not at all evident in the beginning). One reason why I found so much new stuff when I went back to rewatch is because I wasn't actually paying a whole lot of attention, early on, to the scenes between the office guys; I hadn't realized it might be important later on, at least from a characterization perspective!

... all of which is to say, re: rewatching - do iiiiiiit, you know you want to. :D
I really liked the series, and like you, I'm not sure if I want a second season. I will admit I was a little nervous when I heard the main writers were women - which is weird being female, but I was afraid they'd make Carter too much of a superhero. That said, I think most of the characters were believably flawed. I think there was also a good overtone of people trying to figure out how to go on after the war - they weren't who they were before or during the war- the world has changed and so have they - and they're still supposed to be on the front line of sorts.
Yeah, I think my big concern was that the show was going to end up being pretty flat - just a long version of the Peggy Carter short, basically; but it was a whole lot more nuanced than I was expecting! And yesssss, that was one of the big things I liked about it too, the whole theme of characters coming back from the war changed and damaged, and having to figure out how to redefine themselves in a civilian context.
I admit that I've sort of latched onto the Peggy-Sousa-Thompson triad as the platonic (or otherwise) OT3 of my heart

Yesssss, I love these three together and how they play off each other. Nobody's perfect, but they-- complement each other, somehow. I'm especially happy with the way they've done Thompson on the show-- he's a douchebag but not an irredeemable one, and thanks to Peggy and Sousa, he slowly starts to become something better. (I'm with you on the optimism and I'm fairly sure that's how the show would go if it were to get another season; that said, asshole-with-a-heart-of-gold is one of my favorite character types, so I'm prejudiced. *g*)

(I have to complain to someone about his backstory though, and this is as good a place as any. Those soldiers, the ones who he killed and found what he thought was a white flag later, so he thought they were surrendering? There's no way they were actually surrendering! No soldier would be stupid enough to come up to an enemy encampment, at night time, without calling out to warn them-- and then lean over the people sleeping! It's a perfect way to get yourself killed (and that's exactly what happened.) The only thing I can think is that they actually were coming in to kill everyone and they were using the white flag as a cover, to hopefully make someone hesitate in shooting them.)
Wheeeeee, I'm not the only one! XD (Most of what I'm writing so far has been Peggy-Sousa-Thompson focused, with various appearances by others, and I hope there's an audience for it ...)

Nobody's perfect, but they-- complement each other, somehow.

YESSS. That's how they seem to me, as well. They all three came back from the war damaged and broken in various ways, and I feel like they can shore up each other's cracked and empty places - like they all fit with each other. They can be better together than they are apart (even if they haven't quite managed to get there yet). One of the things I really like about the show is how much of the emotional plot is concerned with moving on from war - redefining yourself in a civilian context, putting away the awful and learning how to move on. And the three of them are where it's most dramatically played out, which might be one of the reasons why I've tended to think of them in my head as an increasingly unified little unit towards the end of the series.

One of the things I was noticing when I was rewatching ... even in the early episodes, when Thompson is one of the ringleaders of the let's-all-mock-Sousa party, he doesn't ever put him down for his disability, does he? Not in the way that, say, Krzmenski does. Yeah, he's totally an asshole to him (and even less forgivably to Peggy), but I don't ever recall him being an asshole in that particular way (except maybe the "crutch faster!" in 1x06, but that's really more on the level of giving him shit in a semi-friendly kind of way).

... they actually were coming in to kill everyone and they were using the white flag as a cover, to hopefully make someone hesitate in shooting them.

Sadly for them, they got Trigger Happy Thompson instead. XD

... but ... yeahhhhh, you have a really good point there. It'd be ironic if he's been feeling guilty all this time when he actually DID do the right thing. (Not that I think it's supposed to be that way in the show. But still.)

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I wrote to ABC before the final episode to urge them to renew it; I was going to call them after, but then I wasn't sure. As you say—what if they made a second season and made a mess? So I'm hoping they'll renew it but trying not to hope too hard, and telling myself if they don't, it's complete and one of my favorite shows ever just the way it is.

Peggy feels like a real human being; I'm not sure why, but I don't quite so much identify with her as I'd want to be her friend. Maybe that's why I love Angie so much and was so full of squee in that last scene. They can be friends and have fun together while being different, and now Angie knows who she is, and Peggy doesn't have to pretend she just works for the phone company. I have hardly ever seen female friendships on tv that feel like anything I've known or would really want to be a part of; many male friendships feel more like something I'd want. This friendship feels just wonderful.

I love Sousa! The earplugs! I screamed with laughter when he pulled them out. Brilliant Husband and I were talking about how it was that he had them without thinking to tell anyone else to bring them. "It's as if he already had them in his pocket," I said. "And just remembered that they were there," he said. "From all the times he used them in the office to block everyone else out." YES! And I loved how scared Thompson was, because, frankly, Thompson kind of deserved it. I like too, though, that Thompson now respects Sousa after he didn't before. Sousa totally earned that. I suspect he had earned it earlier, but Thompson's a little dense. I loved that Sousa's first question was whether he'd hurt Peggy, and not whether Thompson was ok when the last thing he'd done was try to choke Thompson out! Interesting priorities.

I like your observations of how Thompson imitates others even in the little things—I hadn't noticed him mirroring Dooley with his drink, but that sounds quite right. I suspect that now that he has no one to imitate, he will be taking cues from Peggy and Sousa, but he'll be more conscious of it, and more careful not to be noticed.

I also love your analysis of Sousa's arc, which I hadn't given as much thought. I was mostly glad that we didn't see him Come to Terms with his Disability—I was afraid we'd go there, and that can be a legitimate character arc, but he's a man who has already learned how to deal with the prosthetic he has and the world he's living in. I love that he fought Dorothy so well.

And you have screen capped his puppy-dog face there beautifully!

He was great as bad cop because Peggy really liked him, and he really felt hurt and angry and betrayed, and he was right to feel so—and yet she had good reasons too. So it hurt to see him so angry at her, and it obviously hurt her, when she cared less what Thompson thought, even after what they'd been through in Russia (or at least that's my reading).

And I'm sure she'll take him up on that drink another time, but she's not putting him ahead of Angie.

I was upset about losing Dooley and could hardly believe that I came to care so much for him.

Jarvis flies planes. Jarvis would shoot Howard down if necessary. Jarvis needs more hugs than he will ever let anyone give him, except maybe Anna.

And Peggy saves the day—not all by herself, but by doing her part and getting everyone else to do theirs, talking Howard down while keeping Jarvis waiting, convincing the men to believe her when they have good reason not to do so, and never taking credit that isn't hers—or even fighting for the credit she's due. Peggy can be brilliant and make mistakes; she doesn't fight as well as a Black Widow (nor should she!) but can take advantage when the latter becomes overconfident. She is awesome and I want more, but I'm afraid to look at fic because I'm afraid people will not capture what I see in her.

I loved, loved, loved this show. Daughter decided she wanted to see it when it had two or three episodes left, so when I rewatch, it will be with her. That might be the summer. Of course nothing her parents watch is cool—until she finds out that her friends are watching (too late, in this case).
OMG YOU PICKED ALL THE CUTEST SCREENCAPS. Like, seriously. Troll!Sousa and Puppy!Sousa and Playful!Thompson and Happy!Peggy, Parts One And Two are ALL SO ADOOOORABLE. Like, that is basically the reason that I love this show so much. THEY'RE ALL SO LOVELY, I LOVE THEM ALL.

AND SHE'S NOW LIVING IN AN AWESOME MANSION WITH ANGIE, which is the fanficciest setup to ever fanfic.


And what you said about Thompson, OMG SO TRUE. I did not want to think of him as an asshole in that last episode, I wanted him to do the right thing, but then he went all assholey. SHOW, YOU'D BETTER STICK AROUND, THOMPSON STILL HAS GROWING UP TO DO. (and i tried to watch interviews with Chad Michael Murray to see if he was as clueless as he said, but oop no tumblrrrrr!!!)

I WOULD NEVER PUSH THOMPSON DOWN AN ELEVATOR SHAFT. Mostly because Chad Michael Murray, and LUCAS OMG I LOVE HIM. But I'd totally support you if you wanted to, and if they ever undo more of his character development. C:

And you know what, I'm with you! I don't really ship anyone on this show all that hard, because they're all SO AMAZING AS BUDDIES. Like seriously.

And I have so much more to say! But I forgot. Ayyyy.
eeeheeeee! Ahhhh, this show is so much my happy place right now. ALL THE HAPPY THINGS. I didn't want Thompson to be a jerk at the end, though I do think it feels appropriate to his character to have him end up that way -- and means there's still lots of character development for season two! GO GO SEASON TWO. <3 <3 <3

I'm so glad it's not just me! I want all the buddyfic for this show. ALL THE BUDDYFIC. Peggy and Sousa and Thompson solving crimes and saving each other's lives! Angie and Peggy having girl's nights out! Angie getting to know Jarvis! Jarvis and Peggy buddy shenanigans! Peggy having a bad day and the boys taking care of her! why is this fandom so small, woe.

Hooray, new TV show happy place. :D