Winter Sunlight

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I took a nap and things were looking up, but then I poured dishwater down my front while washing a roasting pan. Perhaps it would be a good idea not to operate heavy machinery today.

.... There's also the fact that Current Freelance Client hasn't gotten me my changes back, which means I could technically spend the whole day writing fanfic. I probably shouldn't, but I could!

On a further fannish side note, with Agent Carter just ending and Agents of SHIELD coming back soon ... I don't know how many of you guys know about avengersgen, but it's a gen prompt comm for the whole MCU, and they just started a new round. Got any Carter prompts you want to see? :D That's pretty much all I've been writing lately, though I haven't posted anything because it's all turning out long. I'm getting back into writing fanfic a bit more, though, and I'm back into the MCU, so if there is something gen you want to see written, leave a prompt and I just might write you something. :D

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It actually did improve later on! Thank god. Or at least I got it together enough to stop being a total screwup.
I vote that you get to "make up" for how lousy a Monday this has been, and play with fanfic for a while ;-) And if you feel so inclined to write something Agent Carter-ish, I would be thrilled. In honor of all sorts of Mondays, how 'bout if Peggy at least *tries* to have a day off/day of pampering/relaxing/whatever... whether or not she actually gets to do that is up to you ;-)
Glad you like it! After the start of this week, I thought *someone* should at least get to plan for relaxing, if nothing else! LOL!!
Hope your next day will get better!
The community looks nice (very similar to Collarcorner! :)) Sometimes I wish I could've get into avengers, or any more active fandom, but I'm still firmly in the White Collar headspace...

Yeah, I think the comm is directly patterned after Collarcorner. More fandoms should have them! I completely get being monofannish like that; I only seem to be able to do one primary fandom at a time, but I sort of wander in and out of them. If you're not into a thing, though, you're just not into it!
Oh dear, there are days when I, too, feel that heavy machinery (or, indeed, the act of washing up) should not be on my agenda! *hugs* Hope you wake up feeling better - I was going to say tomorrow, but it's Tuesday here, so I guess I should say today!

I'm not into reading fanfic in MCU yet, though I would read anything gen by yourself! I don't really have a prompt, though I like the one above about Peggy trying to have a day off or something. That could be a fun read! :)
Hopefully I will finish one of these fics eventually! But, you know, I understand about a fandom just not being one where you read fics in it. I have plenty that are like that for me!

... and yeah, I think we all have days like that. :D
.... oooh! I'm not promising anything, because I'm fairly busy and buried in a couple long fics right now, but I love that prompt. :D (And ooh, Getbackers icon love!)