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You guys, my Patreon is closing on its first stretch goal! \o/ Granted, it's a very low stretch goal ($50/month), but I'm still completely thrilled; this is so much farther than I thought I'd get so soon. Thank you so much to the people who are supporting me. You make me feel like I can make this comic-making thing financially viable. ♥ (And even if I don't get to the first stretch goal -- where the bonus is unlocking a side comic -- I'm going to try to do some side stories anyway. I have a ton of scripts just laying around; I need to start working on them ...)

I am also going to start doing more with my Tumblr(s). Last night I did a top-to-bottom reorganization of my Kismet folder (which hasn't really been cleaned out, well, ever; there's so much old stuff in there) -- this was what prompted this tweet, though as far as I can tell, I didn't make any terrible mistakes. *g* But it reminded me how much creative play I used to engage in; there's so much Kismet-related poetry, cartoons, worldbuilding side stuff, playful crossovers with TV shows and manga ... basically I just want to start doing more with it that's not strictly related to the pages I'm working on, and putting a lot more of it out there.

I'm frustrated by how inefficient I've been lately. I just don't seem to be managing to do a whole lot. I waffle around between different projects, do a little here, a little there, but don't end up with a whole lot to show for it. I can't figure out where the time goes, or why I'm doing so little with it. Ten years ago, I was doing a lot more than this ON TOP of working a lot more! nnnaaaargh.

On the other hand, things which I have learned today: in Tolkien's early drafts, Aragorn was originally a hobbit, nicknamed Trotter because of his wooden shoes and the clopping sound they made. I may never stop giggling at this. (Also, Frodo was originally named Bingo Bolger-Baggins, which I think I did know already. Thank god for rewrites ...)

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I'm frustrated by how inefficient I've been lately. I know it's no help but you are not alone.

And congrats on closing in on that patreon goal
Yes, glad that you're getting there on the comic side! Well deserved!!

I am now laughing at the image of a small Aragorn trotting around on wooden shoes whilst complaining to Bingo Bolger-Baggins about the unfairness of draft stories, lol!! Yes, thank goodness for rewrites!! :D