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Kismet background scene ideas

Hey all - I am working on a big splash-page crowd scene for an upcoming scene in Kismet, which is going to be followed by a series of pages taking place in the same area, a large indoor marketplace that is Kismet's main shopping district. I'm running out of ideas for different sorts of people and various sight gags to have in the background. I asked my sister for some ideas, and she had some good ones (a person with a hat-top garden on their head; someone selling things out of a trench coat). But since I'm going to need to repeatedly come up with different people to appear in the background, more ideas are definitely better. Mostly it'll just be run-of-the-mill random bystanders, but I want a fair amount of weird to go along with the standard marketplace kinds of things.

Kismet is a future dome-city, and while there's no organized government, so theoretically anything goes, the marketplace itself is run by a sort of mafia-like organization (the Galleria Merchant's Association) that tends to police it fairly strictly and with extreme prejudice for anything that would discourage business; therefore you won't have a whole lot of, say, panhandling, streaking, etc.

Actually for starters, I'm working on just coming up with what you might see in the crowd in a normal marketplace/street fair/mall, like:
- mimes and living statues
- people on unicycles
- people with visible disabilities
- small children
- street artists
- people texting or using phones
- buskers

Stuff which is possible in a Kismetlike space opera setting:
- people with physical modifications (horns/wings/animal heads/etc)
- people carrying large guns
- people with very strange pets (like, I have a person walking a dinosaur on a leash)
- etc ...?

(Kismet leans heavily towards the moderately-anachronistic space opera end of the sci-fi spectrum, as opposed to being serious sci-fi, so the overall feel I'm going for here is not really a serious science fiction look at a future street fair, so much as "street fair with various weirdness and assorted futuristic sight gags in the background". Also, there are no sapient aliens, though domestic alien creatures are possible.)

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One strategy: shamelessly rip off, as Blue Milk Special recently did. (I've seen other webcomics give shout-outs to one another in background characters.)

ETA: Ooh, how about:
-pigs flying
-hens with teeth
-lobsters whistling on a hill
-cows dancing on ice
(courtesy of this article on idioms, which included a bunch of languages' expressions for "ain't gonna happen".)

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Heh, that is a really IMPRESSIVE ripoff/cameo page. :D (I have done a little bit of that kind of thing, rather circumspectly and usually with either lesser-known characters or people I know IRL. I haven't done it in awhile, though ...)
An octopus on a leash
A virtual arcade
A soylent shake booth
Genetic modifications while you wait!
One hour hologram developer
Fish store that sells wearable fish
Thank you, these are excellent! :D (hahaha, soylent shakes - that is SO Kismet. I gotta use it.)
I was going to say a cow jumping over the moon, but then I remembered it's set in a dome-city. But you could have a cat playing a fiddle maybe? And/or a dog laughing, and maybe a dish and spoon running away? *is in silly mode*
Thinking of a lot of the Asian night markets and street fairs I've been to, food and elaborate food preparation (active chefs chopping and frying and pouring and folding dumplings/pancakes/crepes, fried food on sticks, intricate candies, delicacies like roasted sparrows and tropical fruits beautifully cut and arranged on ice, and sellers offering samples.)

Also animals for sale (I saw pet-sellers at several markets) - some kind of goat-thing eating the leaves of a venus-fly-trap-type alien plant that is in turn trying to eat the goat's tail? Or switch up environments - a fish (happily!) floating in a birdcage and a canary swimming in a fish bowl?

Maybe a used robot seller with the robots doing silly/broken things?
Ohhhh, these are great! I don't have a lot of street food vendors, but I think you're absolutely right -- it seems exactly the kind of thing they would have a lot of, as well as pet/robot sellers too!