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It's interesting to me what's fun for different people. Like ... today, I wrote for a few hours in the morning, and then I've spent the last 10 hours or so buried in InDesign (with occasional detours over to Photoshop), first working on a freelance project I'm actually getting paid for, then working on getting Freebird reformatted for a digital edition. It's immensely fun to me. I don't mind that I spent 15 hours in front of the computer today. I don't really want to stop. However, I can imagine this being absolute boring hell for some people. (I haven't spoken to a single other human being besides Orion. I did take a walk with the dog and made from-scratch beef stew, though!)

On a completely different topic, I'm reading a book called The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England, which is a lot of fun, but I was going through the chapter on city life, which was discussing fraud and shoddy business practices in city markets (spoiled grain concealed by handfuls of fresh grain, fraudulent measuring tools, iron baked into loaves of bread to increase its weight, etc) and the merchant guilds' policing of such things .... which obviously sent my brain straight to Peter Burke, Medieval Market Fraud Inspector. PLEASE, someone tell me I'm much too busy to write this.

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PLEASE, someone tell me I'm much too busy to write this.

Ask people with less to gain from your writing to stop you from writing. I sure ain't gonna step up.

I would, however, like to point out that it's a Time Traveler's Guide, which implies that its information is best used with at least one time traveler. Possibly someone quick-adapting, good at blending in, able to place a finger on the scales, but overly prone to relying on charm and improvisation against methodical adversaries. Who would be slightly embarrassed at wearing brightly-colored tunics and possibly leg-displaying tights. Someone outside the three estates of those who fight, pray, or work, who would definitely madden Working Peter, Honest Yeoman. Who is constantly surprised that Working Peter, Honest Yeoman isn't an ignorant rube, all stereotypes aside, and that his wife is his working partner, not his servant.

It would be utterly terrible if you were to find time to write this for me to gobble up with a spoon.
eeee! This whole idea is simply too much fun. :D (Working Peter, Honest Yeoman. Hee!) And Mozzie is probably wandering about selling fraudulent papal indulgences or some such thing ...

Were you thinking this would be "our" Neal (i.e. he knows the modern-day version of Peter et al) or a Neal who took a wrong turn as a somewhat younger man, ended up in the past and is meeting everyone for the first time?
I think our Neal could only be truly surprised by Peter two or three times, tops, before he realized, "Yeah, that's just what Peter's like." So, yeah, younger Neal. Though I'm not sure whether early-season-1 Neal might not be sufficiently Peter-naive for it to work.

But the idea of him running into a medieval Mozzie is just delicious. (Medieval Mozzie, not a modern one, because a Neal who has a friend with him from the future is a Neal who won't have space to get emotionally attached to any locals, especially if it's paranoid Mozzie who needs a friend to help him deal with germaphobia in a medieval city.) And of course Mozzie would be selling false indulgences and relics, because it's all a conspiracy run by the Knights Templar anyway and why should anyone worry about "legitimacy"?

And now what really makes me want to see this as early-season-1 Neal is I want to see June in Medieval London and Neal thrown by someone-like-her being in medieval England and well-off, when it's perfectly plausible that medieval London had plenty of racial diversity that people just didn't pay much attention to. (Pre-show Neal wouldn't have any reason to stop and get to know this oddity in depth, and a Neal who already knows a June is far more likely to extend some energy trying to butter up a noblewoman whose patronage might end with him getting noticed.)

And toward the end of his time there, he could catch a glimpse of someone who looks like Kate... with someone who looks like... him... and realize he knows who Yeoman Peter's been after...