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Saga (the - mostly - non-spoiler post)

I recced this on Tumblr but not here - I read Saga by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples this past week (comic book series from Image, 4 graphic novels so far), and it is amazing. I think the last thing I read/watched that made me have this overwhelming I WANT TO REC THIS TO EVERYBODY urge was Orphan Black.

The caveat: It is very graphic (explicit sex/graphic violence). Despite this, I'm having trouble thinking off the top of my head of anything that might be specifically triggery for common triggers; there is a character who is a victim of childhood sexual abuse, but it's not dealt with in detail. However, be aware that this comic really doesn't pull punches and lots of awful things happen. Graphically.

Okay now, having said that: I really think this is one of the best comics I've ever read, and I have read a LOT of comics. The writing, plotting, dialogue, worldbuilding, and characterization is top-notch. The art is absolutely gorgeous. The world/universe is fantastically creative (I think of the various stuff I've read, it reminds me the most of Ian M. Banks's stuff, in its amazingly creative weirdness) and it runs the gamut from funny and sweet, to exciting, to heartbreaking and awful. I have a terrible suspicion that it's going to break my heart in the end, but I still think the ride will have been worth it.

I absolutely love the characters, and the way that, even though the actual plot of the comic is an action-packed thing about war and space battles and assassins, the whole thing is really about love and family at heart. All kinds of love. Romantic love is definitely a thing, but there's probably even more of an emphasis on the parent-child bond (birth children and adopted children; babies and grown-up children). There are siblings and families of circumstance and people uneasily teaming up for a common goal. The cast is so casually diverse that it's not even really a thing -- like, at one point there's a subplot involving three female characters off on a quest (four if you count the giant semi-sapient cat), none of them conventionally pretty white women, one canonically bisexual and one probably some sort of queer based on her androgynous gender presentation (this is what she looks like), and it's not even something I really thought about except in retrospect while writing this rec; it's just what the comic is.

Right now the four GNs contain all the story that's out so far, but there's a new issue coming out on Feb. 4, so I feel like I picked exactly the right time to jump on.

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I read these in Nov-Dec and love them as well! Think they are up there with Sandman for visual and storytelling quality, and reccability for people who are less familiar with or unsure about graphic novels. I agree that the dual storylines about war/propaganda/resistance and family are both poignant and clever. And so many brilliant little details scattered everywhere. (To name just one: Embargon! No, okay, two: The way social hierarchies on the robot planet are represented by monitor technologies! Love it.)

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Yeah, they're so fantastically creative. It reminds me a little of Transmetropolitan in that area (did you read that?), where you want to go back and reread issues to catch all the clever bits and worldbuilding details.

I hope it isn't going to be too torturous going month by month ...