Kismet-Frank threat

Monday links

Today I have an interview at my realname journal with Melissa Jensen, aka kriadydragon, on her middle-grade fantasy novel The Toymaker, in which a young girl in search of her parents and an eccentric inventor on a quest for his family's legacy embark on a journey across their world. Melissa's clever, inventive worldbuilding is one of the things I like most about her fanfic, and it carries over into her original fiction too. Click on the link to find out more! Thank you for letting me interview you, kriadydragon. :)

Meanwhile, it's Monday so that means a new Kismet page. I now have RSS feeds for the comic on both LJ (suncutter_feed) and DW ([syndicated profile] suncutter_feed). They've both been running for a couple of weeks and seem to work great. I'm just putting up the links on the RSS, not the whole page, so it won't spam your reading page terribly.

This photo I posted on Twitter this morning indicates my feelings on current weather trends. (Funny story there. The dragonfly thermometer in the photo has actually been sitting in the garage for ages; I didn't really want to put it outside in the winter because it only goes down to -40 and I was afraid it would break if it got colder than that. But it's been a very warm winter, so I put it outside about a week ago and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED.)

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Heh, I think your single-sentence description of my book may have blown my own book's blurb out of the water. Seriously, your description sounds way more epic, and I'm rather mad at my brain for not being as equally epic when it comes to blurbs in general. I hate writing blurbs :/

But, anyway, I was thrilled to be interviewed, if you haven't noticed from all my thank yous all over the place :D

I honestly think the weather enjoys being both contradictory and ironic. "Oh, you thought winter was going to be mild? Not anymore!" "Oh, it's January and supposed to be cold and snowing? Behold, spring! Oh, look, the trees or budding. Bam, winter again!" *cackles evilly while twirling mustache*
Heh, the blurb I used up there was one I had written for the interview before looking at yours, and then I realized it would of course be better to use the official one. :D If you like it, though, you can totally use it for promos and whatever. I've noticed that it's usually easier to come up with blurbs for other people's work than for your own (though I seem to be getting somewhat better with practice, I guess).

But anyway, you were great; I really appreciate you getting the interview back to me so quickly! I hope you get a little sales boost from it.
Ahhahahah OW COOOOOLD! Fairbanks is ridiculous. Just so you know :P
You shouldn't have put that thermometer outside! You were just asking for it, really!! :D :D :D

Brrrr, wrap up warm and stay indoors... or throw boiling water about for a laugh, I suppose! :D

EDIT: Btw, love the icon!! Subtle threat is not very subtle!! :D

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