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DWJ musings and LOTR vid rec call

Still reading Diana Wynne Jones books, and thinking about one of the more interesting recurring themes in her books, namely: young teenage girls (in the 12-14 age range) falling in love with adult men. What's particularly interesting about this is that it never comes off in a skeevy way, at least not to me -- the girls have full agency in all cases, and there is usually some kind of magical shenanigan at work so that they're much closer in age at whatever point that a relationship actually happens. (The only book that doesn't really do the latter is Fire and Hemlock, which is all about a relationship of this nature, but it also deals with the inherent issues in a respectful way -- though this is one I haven't gotten to on my reread yet, so I'm going off decade-old memories.) I'm wondering if the reason it doesn't skeeve me (as it usually does in books by male authors) is because of how it's handled, or because there isn't the same kind of back-of-the-brain worry that this is the author playing out their creepy sexual fantasies in book form. In Jones's case you get the feeling that her teen protagonists are given credit for knowing their own minds about what they want, even if they also know they're not supposed to want it. If that makes any sense.

On a completely different topic, we're rewatching the original Lord of the Rings trilogy (slowly, since this is one of Orion's busy times with classes having just started at the university, so we're only one movie into it so far) and this is giving me a desire to watch fanvids for it ... but this is one of those cases where most of the vid links are older ones and the vids have vanished from the Internet. Does anyone have recs for any good ones? They don't have to be recent as long as they're still downloadable. I'm most interested in ensemble vids, though I'm willing to take a look at anything you think is good.

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Thank you! :) I'll go watch right away. (Streaming is okay too; I just usually like to DL & watch offline.)
If you haven't seen it, my favourite LotR vid is The Mountain by Astolat. It is Aragorn and Frodo focused, and lovely.
Thank you - I haven't! And this made me realize that I've forgotten to go back and check the archives of some of the big vidders from the time when LOTR was the Big Fannish Thing, so I'll definitely have to do that. :D
I hope you find some good ones - I can't recall seeing anything else at the time except for "Middle Earth English 101" which I unfortunately don't have a link or vidder name for, and is basically someone giving examples of how the word "fuck" can be used, matched perfectly to clips from the films! It is hilarious if you can track it down though.