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Fandom Stockings are up!

The Fandom Stockings are revealed! Mine is here and I got lots of lovely stuff -- pictures and ficlets and recs and greetings. I'm delighted with it. :D

I did not manage to get to all the stockings I wanted to fill this year, but I ended up writing a fair amount of stuff, though it's mostly unfinished snippets. Here's what I wrote this year:

White Collar:
A scene from an AU in which Peter is a criminal and Neal is an agent for [personal profile] veleda_k
Post-finale reunion ficlet for [personal profile] leesa_perrie
A different post-finale reunion ficlet for [personal profile] pipilj
A little more of the Iceland fic I posted in comments awhile back for [personal profile] aqwt101 (here's the other piece)
A little more of the White Collar/October Daye fusion Frith and I share for [personal profile] frith_in_thorns (following on directly from the snippet she wrote for me last fandom stocking)
Snippets from a post-finale Christmas story for [personal profile] sheron
Werewolf Peter playing in the snow for kanarek13
Diana is afflicted with Theo's uncles for [personal profile] sheenianni
(the latter two written as snippets in my own comments as thank-yous to people who gave me something when I hadn't given them anything!)

Scene from a fic in which Bucky never gets his memories back but becomes friends with Steve anyway for [personal profile] trobadora

btw, it is perfectly fine with me if people who aren't the recipient comment on these; I think it's perfectly fine, although you might wait 'til the recipient has a chance to comment first if they haven't yet. :D I would have posted some of them on AO3, but none are really finished enough to do that (and the only one which actually is a complete story, Veleda's story, has a major plot hole that needs to be fixed >_>).

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Ha, woops, thank you for pointing that out! :) Most of the rest are in one document, but yours isn't because it was taken from another file, so I forgot. Adding it now! (And I'm very happy you liked it! <3)
I really, really love the Neal is an agent and Peter (and Diana) is a thief AU. ♥

werewolf!Peter playing in the snow with El? There are no words for this. ♥

Awwwwwww. Uncle Mozzie and Uncle Neal. Oh, Diana. :) ♥

And the Bucky & Steve one? ♥

Thank you.

(I feel more comfortable commenting here, hope you don't mind)
Oh, I somehow missed this entry on my flist, and nearly missed a handful of great fics!

The Christmas story: awww! ♥ Man, I really hope it will get finished - I've been wanting "Peter and Neal stuck in a crappy motel" story since forever! I’m such a fan of two characters being stuck somewhere in close quarters:) And the snipet was total love: Neal apparently being back in NY with his family, Burkes inviting him to Christmas and Neal being all unsure, the epic tale of Neal and “canned meat product”, their quiet little Christmas in a motel… *happy sigh* There’s been some hard times, but they are together now, and it’s all that matters.

And the one where Neal rushed back to NY after Peter’s heart trouble - d'aww, I wanted to hug them both. I think it’s my favorite reunion scenario I’ve read so far. Neal comes back to NY himself, yes, that’s what I want. (fwiw, I think it’s totally long enough to post on AO3. Though I surely won’t mind if it gets longer:D)

And thank you once more for the bit of Iceland fic – it was a great piece of h/c:)

All of them made me high on warm&fuzzy feeling, and I really hope they will get finished!