I think the main callback to later canon that I want right now is for Maria not-yet-Stark to show up. :D This is just so early, though -- there's no way we can get later characters like Nick Fury or Sharon, much as I would like to see them. (But maybe if they get more seasons, we can have more of that kind of thing!)
head desk. I'm content with no characters being in this from anything else. We have Stark and Jarvis which is enough.
Agreed. I like him too but yeah that would ruin the timeline as set forth by the movies.

I appreciate the attention to historical detail in this.
They haven't even gotten to SHIELD yet in the show -- this is still the SSR, the agency she was working for during the war.

But yeah, it's got a wonderful period feeling to it; I'm really enjoying it so far!
I've asked this over on tipper's LJ, but I thought I'd ask you as well. Could I watch this show without having read/watched anything recent regarding this particular Marvel universe? (That is, I watched the Hulk movie/TV show from the 80's, but that's about it!) How much does it rely on the viewer being part of this 'verse? Now that I have two people on my f-list squeeing over it, I'm intrigued!
I think this one stands alone better than almost anything else in the franchise does. There's a montage at the beginning that catches you up on the Peggy parts of the Captain America movie, but all the major characters besides her are new for the show. And the overall season plot seems to be self-contained as well. If you just approach it as a 1940s spy show in a universe that also has some magic/high-tech-science stuff, I think you'll do just fine.
(oh, btw, I haven't gotten to answering most of the comments yet, but I don't mind other people commenting on my fandom stocking fills at all; that's great :D)
(Good to know! I'm not sure what the etiquette is on the comm, but I'm guessing it's okay to comment!)