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There's a post on Diana Wynne Jones over at my website blog. One of my goals in 2015 is to a) resurrect that blog, and b) start actively using it. Well, it's part of a larger plan to do more serious author stuff in 2015, including working on some sort of Organized Social Media Presence (TM).

.... Not that myself and "organized" belong in the same sentence. Ha. Along those lines, I'm not sure if I've mentioned here that I have a Twitter which has languished in obscurity forever but I AM NOW ACTUALLY UPDATING.

And, further developing the topic of not being organized ... hello, LJ and DW! You can see I fell completely off the regular posting bandwagon. I still have a number of December questions to answer (I know I said I might not answer them, which may sadly become true, but I really want to; there were some excellent questions!) and I will try to start up the I-Man rewatch posts again at some point.

I did manage to write 4 ficlets so far for [community profile] fandom_stocking, which I feel good about. I would like to write some more, but the unveiling is tomorrow or thereabouts, which makes it unlikely I'll manage more since most of tomorrow will be taken up with RL stuff. ETA: Fandom Stocking is also looking for volunteers to help fill stockings if you have a bit of free time!

I've also just discovered that a bill I know I paid went to a collection agency, and I have no idea what to do about it. It is a very small bill too! Should I just pay it again? Disputing sounds like more trouble than it's worth. Augh. Adulting is hard. /o\

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About the bill - and keep in mind I don't know anything how that works in the US - couldn't you just e-mail/call the seller and show them proof of payment? Maybe the payment just got misfiled (happens more often than you would think)? If it turns out to be too much hassle, you can always pay it again. Just my 2 cents.
I volunteered on Sunday for fandom stocking, but no one has got back to me *shrugs* Probably as well, I'm not looking forward to updating my website with all the art I've made as it is!! Why is it so hard to do?!

Yay for ficlets - I'll be hunting those down as soon as the stockings are all unlocked!! :D :D

Not sure what to do about the bill. Maybe contact the company and say that you paid it. If you have proof, that should help.

Adulting is very hard *hugs*

If you paid it shouldn't you have some kind of a confirmation of payment? Unless you mailed it in and there's no online record of the transaction? Even so, if there was a transfer out of your account and it wasn't paid in cash you could present that as proof of payment to the company the bill is from. They probably just messed up their records. I wouldn't pay it again until you spoke with them to make sure they didn't just misplace it.
I mailed it in, so there's no confirmation, but it's a credit card payment, so it'll be on a statement somewhere. It's just terribly frustrating to go and dig up payment records when this should've been taken care of on their end.
Was this bill through FMH? In November, they sprang a 'hey, you have this other unpaid bill that's gone to collections' from 2010 on me. Just a token, really - like $30 or less. But I've 'paid them in full' probably a hundred times since then. I didn't give more than a token protest, because I had a gazillion bills for my gallbladder surgery at that time and it would have been more than $30 worth of work to dig back through my records, but I'm wondering if this is some kind of racket.
In my experience companies will often squeeze in a charge that if you let slide they just keep billing you for until you call them. It's like they're testing if you're paying attention.
Yep, it is indeed FMH. In a way I guess it's nice to know it's not just me, but what the heck is going on over there?
Yayyy Diana Wynne Jones!

About the bill, I have no specialized knowledge, but I would contest it just in case you later find it negatively impacts your credit history / rating. Then if it does, you can get it corrected. (eta: At least, I would think so . . .)

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I do love DWJ and just reread How's Moving Castle and read Homeward Bounders. I've not read the Chrestomanci books but I obviously should.

I ended up doing more 'emergency' fills than I did my first round of fic for the stocking.

ugh, I would at least call and find out what happened to the payment and confront them before repaying