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Trying to figure out a Kismet thing

Rather than writing Fandom Stocking fills, I've ended up writing snippets of Kismet, most of which I can't post anywhere because they're spoilery for future events. As one does.

However, one thing I was trying to figure out launched me into a timeline quandary, so I figured I'd talk it out in an LJ post and see if that helps.

At the start of Sun-Cutter, one of my protagonists, Fulki, is recovering from a severe career and personal trauma that happened a few years ago when the original Sun-Cutter project blew up in her face (somewhat literally). A close friend of hers almost died, and she ended up blacklisted in her field. She and her family might have moved to another planet (I'm still kicking around where they were living at the time, but they were probably living somewhere different than where they're living now). Anyway, her life blew up badly and she had to deal with a lot of sudden, negative media attention.

The thing I'm struggling with is that Fulki's kids, who have been seen in canon so I don't have a whole lot of wiggle room on their ages, would have been born right around the time that all of this happened. Her kids are probably in the general vicinity of 4 and 6, or 5 and 7 (they appear on this page). And I was thinking that the original Sun-Cutter disaster was about 5 years ago.

What I'm having a little trouble with, is figuring out why Fulki and Jae-Ha (her wife) would have had kids with all of this going on. It's rather inflexibly canonical that the kids were planned (they pretty much had to have been, since Fulki and Jae-Ha are both female and the kids are biologically theirs). I can move around the dates of the Sun-Cutter disaster somewhat, but I really don't want it to have been less than about 4 years ago, or more than 5-6, and I'm coming up to a part of the comic when I'm going to need to nail it down for certain. Either way, with the kids being the ages they are and with an obvious 2- or 3-year age spread between them, at least one of them would've been born right around this time and probably just a bit afterwards.

"They'd already had the second child started when the whole Sun-Cutter disaster happened" is probably the answer I'm leaning toward most heavily right now, but even then, Fulki would've been a total workaholic on the Sun-Cutter project for the previous year or two, so the timing STILL seems sub-optimal. Complicating matters is the fact that neither Fulki nor Jae-Ha are the kind of person who are likely to jump into something without thinking it over a lot beforehand. They're both thoughtful and methodical, and I guess I can't quite get my head into the why of what would make them plan a family while Fulki's career is taking off (and then imploding) and Jae-Ha is basically moving around to stay close to where Fulki works.

ETA: I very much appreciate the input -- I think I have their character trajectory mapped out now, so thank you! The ideas were very helpful; sometimes you need an outside perspective to see the obvious. :) (Not that you can't still comment if you have ideas; if I don't use it for these people, it may shed some light on other characters' stories elsewhere in the universe.)

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Hmmm. I can see your problem.

So maybe they had the first kid before Fulki's career unexpectedly took off (could that fit your timeline?) and the second was a reaction to the Sun-Cutter disaster? Something like, "I've just been through a huge trauma, I need something living around me" - so with the whole disaster, Fulki's family is the one thing that brings her happiness and makes her feel whole, so she decides to have another kid and Jae-Ha agrees because she wanted more kids? (Not sure if that fits your characterisation; just an idea).

As for the first kid - well, maybe they just wanted kids for a while, and always postponed it, and now this big project comes up and Fulki is always busy, so Jae-Ha says something like "if not now, then when?".

Another reason for the second kid could be that they want the kids to be close in age (which, okay, still doesn't solve your workaholic problem.)

Good luck with figuring this out and with the whole project :)
*nods* Yeah, I think the "if not now, then when" thing makes a LOT of sense, and like I was saying in a comment downthread, it's also a lot more evident to me, as the writer looking back in hindsight, that it wasn't logically the best time, than it would have been to THEM in the middle of the situation. And neither of them is getting any younger (which doesn't matter so much reproductively, since their technology can deal with those issues, but in terms of other resources -- energy, mental and physical flexibility, etc, which become more of an issue as one ages).
My first thought is how old is Fulki/how crucial is her age to the story? And also how advanced medical technology is in this universe. If it's not super advanced from our own, women do have time limits around our best child-bearing years, so if she's the kind of methodical person who would weigh risks and wouldn't want to take undue chances, she might have opted to get pregnant even during a major job, because it's the only way to keep to their planned schedule for a family.

Also, if she has trouble conceiving, there's a certain level of not being able to schedule around pregnancy that easily - you keep trying until it takes?
This is exactly what I was thinking, maybe they were running out of biologically good time to have children? Or if they were on a treatment, it's a long-term thing that you can't just stop.
Reproductively, age isn't so much of an issue for them because it's a far-future sci-fi setting and they have technology to deal with it. But one thing I really hadn't thought about, 'til this thread, is that age WOULD be an issue for them as far as keeping up with fast-paced little children!
Reproductive issues aren't really going to be a thing, because their tech is so advanced -- for these two, at least, it's all in-vitro and external baby-making machinery.

However, there's another aspect to Fulki's age that I hadn't thought about. She's not young -- she's in her late 40s at the time the story takes place -- and it could well be that they felt the need to go ahead and get moving on kids while they're both still young enough to have the energy to keep up with them.

Thank you for the brainstorming help. :D
I don't follow Kismet, so I don't know the character nuances, but I wonder if a friend's case would be applicable at all.

She and her husband are frantically moving about, and she's in the middle of med school with all its expenses and demands, and about to start residency. Yet they planned a child in the midst of this mess. When I asked why, the answer was, "A doctor's life will ALWAYS be busy. And at least at this point, we're still near family for childcare in infancy; that's not likely to stay true."

Sometimes, there's no good time!
I think this is a really good point, and one which definitely IS applicable to their situation, combined with the above point that advancing age might become an issue (for them, not so much reproductively as in terms of having energy and flexibility to deal with children). I think it's also more obvious to me in hindsight that later would have been better, than it would've been obvious to them at the time that things would calm down later; of course they wouldn't know that, and so it makes more sense to simply jump on the opportunity when it came along.