Christmas cookies red-green

And other thoughts

I think that after Christmas, I'm going to shut down the computer and go offline for a little while. I'm not quite sure how long -- at least a couple of days, I hope. I've been feeling terribly scattered and unproductive over the last few weeks, and while this obviously isn't a cure-all, I just feel like I need some mental stillness, away from the million and one distractions of the Internet. Even if I do nothing but lie on the bed and read books (hopefully I'll do a LITTLE more than that!) I think it'll help with this overstimulated, "can't concentrate on anything" feeling I've been having lately.

I also like the idea of doing it after Christmas, because for the last half-decade or so, ever since I started keeping track of my annual creative goals, the week between Christmas and New Year's has been a quiet, contemplative time -- when I declare a moratorium on finishing up anything I didn't manage to get done this year, and reflect on what I'm going to try to accomplish next year. Adding some offline time to the mix would, I think, suit the general tone of that time period very well.

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Some time like that does indeed sound wonderful whenever I feel overwhelmed. Curling up with a good book (or several) without having to talk to people. :)
Yep. I think I just need a short break! :)

Yeah; when I come back, I think I'm finally gonna break down and start using an Internet blocker. Sometimes you just have to get away from it.
my netbook is its own internet blocker (It got a virus a couple years ago and they couldn't reload the internet bits so now it's a glorified word processor)
That actually sounds super useful! For awhile I used my really old laptop as a word processing machine because it didn't have wireless capabilities and therefore couldn't get on our house network.
Sounds like a plan! As frustrating as it can be to lose internet, I've had times I've almost appreciated it happening, because it does allow you to focus on other things. So deliberately pulling the plug for a bit can be a good reset! Though we'll miss you a bit out here :D (actually it's good timing for that too, since a bunch of people are off with families and whatnot anyway and not online...!)

And while I have you, happy holidays & enjoy the Yuletide fic!
Happy holidays & Merry Christmas to you! :)

... and yeah; as much as I wail and complain when the Internet goes down, all in all it's a net plus for me, I think. I've been intended for awhile to schedule some no-internet time into my life (like a day off a week, or something like that) and while I'm plainly incapable of doing THAT, I'm actually looking forward to the mental de-cluttering in the next few days, which probably means I really need it!
That does sound like a very good plan. I hope the time away leaves you refreshed and ready for the new year. ^^

And merry Christmas! I hope you have a really great one!
Merry Christmas! I hope yours is excellent as well. :)

And yeah, I'm really looking forward to the mental de-cluttering time.
We'll miss you, but sometimes stepping back from things can be a good thing and this sounds like a good idea! The internet can be very distract... ooh, look, is that a kitty playing with a ball...